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Tilfeldig Næpe – Hans Hulbækmo

1. Sennep (01:27)
2. Han (03:49)
3. Autotelisk (03:24)
4. Genius loci (01:03)
5. Dikt til Bill (03:16)
6. Hans Olo (04:36)
7. Venter på Sturle (04:40)
8. To lag med stue (02:58)
9. Drill (00:40)
10. Nervierne (02:59)
11: Kjepphest (01:52)
12. Klatrebaronen (feat. Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard) (04:11)

Drummer Hans Hulbækmo´s first solo album!

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Hans Hulbækmo´s first solo album!


Hans Hulbækmo, a driving force in the groups Moskus, Skadedyr, Flukten and Reolo, and a prominent member of bands like Atomic, Hanna Paulsberg Concept, Broen and Hulbækmo & Jacobsen Familieorkester, is now ready with his first solo album – “Tilfeldig Næpe”.

On “Tilfeldig Næpe” drummer Hans Hulbækmo explores a variety of instruments that form an “expanded drum kit”. Throughout the album, the listener is introduced to Hulbækmo’s passion for Dadaism and European improvisational music, while also finding inspiration in the everyday and in Norwegian traditional and functional music. Each track is improvised and showcases his unique musicality, strongly characteristic playing style, and ability for spontaneous composition.

For Hulbækmo, the immediate feeling the listener gets when they hear the album is of great importance. He wants the recipient to feel the music instinctively: “I have chosen the music based on a distinct bodily feeling, and I have excluded the parts where I felt the intellect was too involved.”

The love for interaction, communal improvisation, and the social aspect of music has always been essential to Hulbækmo. On his first solo album, he has found ways to play with or against himself, both in the spontaneous creation and in the process of putting the album together as a whole. At times, he plays several different instruments simultaneously. This framework creates both opportunities and limitations. “Tilfeldig Næpe” draws the listener into Hans Hulbækmo’s creative world, a world full of coincidences and exciting compositions.

Hans Hulbækmo

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