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Papirfuglen – Moskus

1.Visket ut av regnet
2. Hjorten i skogen
3. Lokk til Eurydike 
4. Å, var jeg en sangfugl
5. Hortus Delicarum
6. Hildegard
7. Papirfuglen
8. Ville kombinasjoner
9. Den første dagen i mai

Musikk av Moskus: Anja Lauvdal: synths, cembalo, vocoder, piano og samples · Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson: cello, mandolin og kontrabass · Hans Hulbækmo: trommer, perkusjon, munnharpe, trommemaskin, klokkespill og recorder

Moskus conveys their perspective of the world with vivid improvisation in a genre-free universe.  

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In their most recent release, “Papirfuglen”, the ensemble further solidifies their position as one of the most cutting-edge and transfixing voices in the newest generation of both Norwegian and international jazz. They have a unique musical approach, with a combination of infectious playfulness and a headstrong penchant for experimentation. And with these tools Moskus takes yet another step into unexplored musical territory. They go deeper into the woods, further into the cave and higher into the air. Their rich sonic palette is conveyed with lightness and transparency, by way of sweeping improvisation that stretches as wide as the largest wingspan. Just as a bird can be folded from a blank sheet of paper, Moskus has animated musical paper birds from blank sheets of silence and invited the listener into a world populated with them.  


The album was recorded in Ugla Studio (with Morten Qvenild behind the mixing board) where a fleet of instruments was at the disposal of Anja Lauvdal: synths, and electronics for use with the piano, grand piano and harpsichord. Hans Hulbækmo contributes further to the soundscape with his creative use of a drum machine and recording machine together with percussion, glockenspiel and jew’s harp. These elements are finally sewn together by Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson who effortlessly alternates between mandolin, cello and bass.   

All of the music was recorded live in the same room; this is an integral part of Moskus’s musical philosophy which focuses on capturing the music in the now. Kyrre Laastad mixed this album as well as the last two. His previous experience with Moskus’s musical approach and expression give this album a sensitivity to the living idea; the paper bird motif, which runs through the whole piece. “Papirfuglen” was mastered by Helge Sten, whose top-class craftsmanship can also be appreciated in their earlier album “Mirakler”. 

From the debut album “Salmesykkel” (2012) to “Mestertyven” (2014) followed by “Ulv Ulv” (2016), “Mirakler” (2018), “Live Victoria” (2020) and finally “Papirfuglen” now in 2022, Moskus has established itself as one of the most engaging and present bands in Norwegian jazz and improvised music. With fundament, future and continuity ever present, Moskus has released six albums, been nominated for the Spellemannprisen four times and made a deep and lasting impression on the scene over the past decade.  

Anja Lauvdal |Fredrik Luhr Dietrichson |Hans Hulbækmo

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