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Brutter – Brutter

CHRISTIAN WALLUMRØD, FREDRIK WALLUMRØD: Geigered · Radiopuls · Badmintonmore… Bleak

Brutter is: Christian Wallumrød and Fredrik Wallumrød

Brutter’s debut album is available in a limited edition of 300 numbered copies as a white-label LP with a downloading code.

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Limited edition whitelabel LP in 300 copies from electronic broken groove improvisors and brothers Christian Wallumrød and Fredrik Wallumrød.


Dry and clear, abstract and fascinating. Brutter, an electronic duo consisting of two brothers, presents its debut with an eponymous, limited-edition LP. The result sounds as though a gigantic collection of machines has taken control over itself and has produced its own distinctive, confusing and tenacious dance music.

Christian Wallumrød (drum machines, synth, electronics) has made a name for himself with his own ensemble among others, and with the quartet Dans Les Arbres, which has been nominated for this year’s Nordic Council Music Prize. Both bands have made a number of recordings with ECM Records, and have toured all over the world. Earlier this year Christian released his solo piano album “Pianokammer” on the Hubro label, garnering excellent reviews. He is most often associated with acoustic music, but has also worked a great deal with improvised electronic music in, for example, the trios Merriwinkle and Close Erase and in projects together with Audun Kleive. As a brief digression, it can be noted that the German-Chilean electronic music producer Ricardo Villalobos used Wallumrød’s music as a point of departure for five of the tracks on the remix record Re:ECM in 2011.

Brutter’s music is demanding, clear-cut and well defined. At a point beyond melody and harmony they have dug out a totally distinctive, fascinating musical landscape in which colliding rhythms and pulsating beats play the main role.

Brutter |Christian Wallumrød |Fredrik Wallumrød

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