Radio Yonder – Mats Eilertsen

1. Radio
2. Bora
3. Night Song
4. Sugar Intro
5. Sugar
6. Wallen
7. Stork
8. Hunting High And Low
9. Aceh


Exciting new album from bass player Mats Eilertsen new quartet featuring a superb cast of musicians. ”Radio Yonder” is his best and maybe most accessible album to date.

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Exciting new album from bass player Mats Eilertsen new quartet featuring a superb cast of musicians. ”Radio Yonder” is his best and maybe most accessible album to date.

The title takes as its subject the dichotomy of ”here” and ”there”, and the space in between, or “yonder”. Yonder is between ”here” and ”there”. You can never get to yonder. Yonder is a place that can be seen (or visualized), but which do not have a definite location. Yonder is a state of mind of a place neither here nor there or in-between. And is as hard to grasp as the location of the rainbow. Radio Yonder is the muse the creative artist searches to find and tune into, never truly knowing if his artistic antennas will be able pick up the tender signals flowing around out in the ether.
The new quartet Mats has put together for this album comprises some of the greatest voices on the Scandinavian and international jazz scene today. With the wonderful mesmerizing sound of sax maestro Tore Brunborg stirred into guitarist Thomas Dahls electric brew, combusted by the dazzling and inspiring supportive rythm works and percussive sounds from young Finnish drum wizard Olavi Louhivuori all firmly rooted and wheeled by composer and bandleader bassist Mats Eilertsen.
The quartet is both dynamic and playful. All members are equal and shines through the whole album. The music is melodic, energetic and has a strong lyrical vein. ”Radio Yonder” also showcases Mats Eilertsen as a solid and inventive songwriter. All the material on the disc is written by Eilertsen except ”Hunting High and Low” by Norwegian pop group A-ha that the quartet plays a splendid cover of.
The list of Mats Eilertsen (born 1975) musical collaborators is long and impressive. Currently he is a member in the groups Tord Gustavsen Ensemble, Alexi Tumarila trio, Nils Økland The Source, Jacob Young Group. He has also had the opportunity of performing with international stars such as Pat Metheney, Joshua Redman, Lee Konitz, Bobo Stenson, Kenny Wheeler, Tomasz Stanko,
Tore Brunborg is known from several ECM recordings over the past 20 years. Foremost is maybe Masqualero with Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen and Nils Petter Molvær, and Jon Balkes Oslo 13 . He has recorded and toured with his own projects featuring artists like Bugge Wesseltoft, Anders Jormin, Lars Danielsson and Tord Gustavsen. He has played and recorded with Manu Katché, Ketil Bjørnstad Rita Marctulli, Jon Balke, Cecilie Nordby, Lars Danielsson, Diedrik Wissels and releases several great albums as a leader and composer.
Thomas Dahl is residing in Bergen where he works as a session musician, composer and arranger, besides teaching at the conservatory (Griegakademiet). Thomas have played in bands as Krøyt, with Kristin Asbjørnsen , Dingobats, Ephemera and worked with Jim Beard, Flesh Quartet, Hilmar Jensson, Jon Balke, Erlend Skomsvoll and John Pål Inderberg + numerous pop-stars around the place. He has an intriguing approach to his instrument, with a refreshing blend of melodic, electronic and experimental treatment firmly rooted in the rich history of the guitar.
Olavi Louhivuori is a wonderful sparking young Finnish drummer with high energy and a real inviting and positive vibe to his playing, inviting and challenging his fellow musicians to stretch for the utmost of creativity and musicality. Plays in numerous bands on the Finnish scene like Ilmiliekki Quartet, Oddarang, Alexi Tuomarila trio, as well as in polish international star Tomasz Stankos Quintet. He is also a wonderful composer of songs for his bands.
Mats Eilertsen |Olavi Louhivuori |Tore Brunborg

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