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Tøyen Sessions – Gjermund Larsen Trio

1. Morgenslått / Morning Song 05:46
2. Blå / Blue 04:01
3. April / April 05:10
4. Sankthansvals / Midsummer Waltz 05:45
5. Avslått / Endgame 05:10
6. Vintermarsj / Winter March 05:04
7. Røros / Røros 04:34
8. Kveldsvals II / Evening Waltz II 03.20

Gjermund Larsen: Fiddle Andreas Utnem: Grand Piano Sondre Meisfjord: Double Bass

Gjermund Larsen Trio with their long awaited new album, Tøyen Sessions

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Genre: Folkemusikk


Seven years after their previous album, Gjermund Larsen Trio finally releases their long-awaited sequel, Tøyen Sessions.


Seven years after their previous album, Gjermund Larsen Trio finally releases their long-awaited sequel, Tøyen Sessions. The album was conceived as early as 2019, but was first recorded in its entirety in Tøyenkirka, January 2023. As the church has been the trio’s rehearsal space since its inception in 2005, this release is definitely on home ground.

Gjermund Larsen is without a doubt one of Norway’s most famous and beloved folk musicians, who with his playful and passionate fiddle playing has captured listeners far beyond the traditional folk music audience.

The trio, which consists of Gjermund Larsen (fiddle), Andreas Utnem (piano) and Sondre Meisfjord (double bass), has since its first release in 2008 achieved praise, rave reviews and several awards, including both Spellemannprisen in 2008 (The Norwegian Grammy Awards), German phonographic critics award (2015) and TONO’s composer award (2016).

Tøyen Sessions takes you on a journey through both the day and the year with its beginning Morgenslått / Morning Song, via April, Sankthansvals / Midsummer Waltz, to Kveldsvals / Evening Waltz. The pieces are beautifully and exquisitely played by the trio who once again show their unique ability for interaction, dynamics and playfulness. Gjermund Larsen’s warm and moving compositions give insight to the time he has been through in recent years, such as the elated Aprilthat was written when the lockdown in 2020 was over and his four children could finally return to school and kindergarten. On the album you will also find Vintermarsj / Winter March, a commissioned piece for the Winter Festival in Bergstaden, which is intended to be played every year during the festival. Listen and be captivated by Gjermund Larsen Trio’s distinctive mesmerizing sound and compositions when this album is finally released in October 2023.

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