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Slåttar frå Granvin – Knut Hamre

4CD + book (Norwegian text only)more…. TRAD.

Knut Hamre, Hardanger fiddle

An ambitious project showing us the rich variety of tunes from Granvin, through Knut Hamre´s wide knowledge of the tradition.

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Deluxe book edition and collection.

Knut Hamre is considered one of Hardanger’s foremost Hardanger fiddle artists of all time. Now he is showing us the rich variety of Granvin style playing in the major work Slåttar frå Granvin (Fiddle Tunes from Granvin), a deluxe book edition and collection of 97 newly recorded tunes – pieces he has devoted his entire life as a fiddler to immersing himself in and transmitting to others. The lavishly illustrated, handsomely bound book (152 pages) accompanying the four CDs includes essays and biographies of the individual sources of the tunes on the recordings, written by Benedicte Maurseth, and features a new poem by Ruth Lillegraven.


“Granvin is without a doubt one of the most important folk music districts in Norway, and has been for a long time,” Benedicte Maurseth writes in the preface to Slåttar frå Granvin. There are still many people in the district who play the fiddle, and Knut Hamre (b. 1952) recalls that when growing up in Granvin in the 1960s, he could go practically wherever he wanted and hear or learn fiddling. “Everyone” had a fiddle available, and sometimes a fiddle was used as a raffle prize at church bazaars instead of a cake. There are nearly 100 fiddle tunes associated with the small municipality of Granvin in Hardanger, many of which are among the most famous compositions in the Hardanger fiddle repertoire.

Knut Hamre

Since the 1980s, Knut Hamre has released many critically acclaimed records and has toured much of the world as a soloist and in collaboration with other artists. He has won first prize in the elite Category A in the National Contest for Traditional Music seven times as well as a number of other prestigious awards. In 2017 he was appointed a Commander of the Royal Norwegian Order of St Olav for his exceptional efforts on behalf of Norwegian folk music.

In addition to his active and diversified life as a performing artist, Hamre has also shared his knowledge of fiddle tunes – generously and willingly – with countless students, especially in Hardanger, but also elsewhere in Norway and abroad. In addition, he has been an important source and driving force for the fiddling association Hardanger Spelemannslag since the mid-1970s. His approach to the traditional repertoire has nevertheless always been clear and of a dual nature: as a teacher, he conveys the tradition as correctly as he can, as he learned it himself. But at the same time he always encourages his students to find their own unique signatures.

Upcoming concerts

22 September: Riksscenen, Oslo (with Ruth Lillegraven)
27 October: Osafestivalen, Voss
1 December: Trudvang, Granvin (with Ruth Lillegraven)
10 December: Columbi Egg, Bergen (with Ruth Lillegraven)

Benedicte Maurseth |Knut Hamre |Trad.

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