Sastrugi – Erlend Viken

ERLEND VIKEN, FRIDA ÅNNEVIK (Text track 5, 11): Første dryss · Pluss - Minus · Is / Vidsyn · Jullek · Et gammelt ord for snø · Fjord · Storm · Var · Pudder · Slapseblues · Etter deg ·more… Bestandig

Erlend Viken: fiddle, Hardanger fiddle, octave fiddle and vocals · Ellen Andrea Wang: vocals, double bass · Maija Kauhanen: kantele, vocals · Marius Graff: guitar, electric guitar, banjo, vocals · Erland Dahlen: drums, percussion · Tuva Syvertsen: guest vocals track 9

(Norsk) En hyllest til vinterens og snøes mange faser

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Erlend Viken has composed a striking and personal work celebrating the Norwegian winter, performed together with a group of well know Norwegian musicians from varied genres. Norwegian Grammy’s Award winner Frida Ånnevik has contributed with two texts, performed by Ellen Andrea Wang and Marius Graff. Erlend is one of Norway’s most merited folk musicians and is known from his successful trio Erlend Viken Trio, where he has shown his urge to take the folk music out of the box and a strong interest for exploration. “Sastrugi” underlines the drive to take the exploration further. He describes the winter´s different phases, from the calm to strongly rhythmical, where the folk music’s distinctive features are mixed with the fellow musician’s background in jazz and pop.

Ellen Andrea Wang |Erland Dahlen |Erlend Viken |Marius Graff |Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen

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