Kjenslevev – Knut Buen

1. Det er i alt du elskar (1:57)
2. Der sol tok fatt (2:58)
3. Tankeliv (2:23)
4. Ynskje (2:29)
5. Vårvise (2:25)
6. Tider (0:41)
7. Venevisa (1:10)
8. Arvespel (2:07)
9. Råd om dåd (1:06)
10. Dragning (4:59)
11. Vanvetvisa (2:04)
12. Tidsbilete (2:06)
13. Tankar og minne (0:30)
14. Lærdom (1:59)
15. Hymne til nordlysunn (4:42)
16. Det som blir (0:54)
17. Avmakt (3:20)
18. Huldren (2:53)
19. Mellom tru og tvil (1:15)
20. Kjenslevev (2:18)
21. Evnegåva (1:51)
22. Kveldssong (2:21)

Anne Gravir Klykken – vocals, Aasmund Nordstoga – vocals, Knut Buen – Hardanger fiddle and poetry reading, Sigmund Groven – harmonica, Kjetil Bjerkestrand – synthesizer All lyrics by Knut Buen Compositions by Knut Buen and Sigmund Groven

Knut Buen and Sigmund Groven with a poetic follow-up album

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Knut Buen and Sigmund Groven with a poetic follow-up album


In 2020 Knut Buen and Sigmund Groven released the album “The Sound of Telemark”, based on traditional and newly written traditional tunes by Knut Buen, with the outstanding combination of Hardanger fiddle and harmonica. After many years of playing together this was the first time they released an album together. Now they follow up the success with “Kjenslevev”, consisting of poems by Knut Buen, with melodies by Sigmund Groven and Buen himself. To sing the songs they’ve reached out to Aasmund Nordstoga and Anne Gravir Klykken, in addition to Kjetil Bjerkestrand on synthesizer.

The lyrics on the album are written out of Knut Buen’s personal feelings and lifetime memories, in addition to universal human experiences and state of mind. As Buen proclaims: “What one has learned and experienced forms a tapestry of life that one finds meaningful”. In addition to this it’s a result of a comprehensive musical collaboration of several years’ standing, along with creative activities focusing on song writing.

“Life and destiny are formed by the interplay of luck, joy, sorrow and leave-taking. Even behind the bright side of life a sense of sadness is lurking. But, on the other hand, even the darkest days of hardship can offer a glimpse of the sun. We live between the light and the shadows.” – Knut Buen

This awareness inspired the title “Kjenslevev” (“Tapestry of Feelings”). Our point of departure in creating texts and melodies has been growing up in the villages of Telemark with our families of rural Norwegian craftspeople and folk artists, as well as our many years of learning from good role models within folk and classical music, and of gathering knowledge, tradition and experience as performing soloists on the harmonica and Hardanger fiddle.

Knut Buen and Sigmund Groven are well-known musicians and they’ve both received prestigious awards and recognition. Both of them have been named Knight 1st Class of The Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olav. Knut Buen is among the most acclaimed Hardanger fiddle players in Norway, and is also famous for his work as a «rosemaler», as a composer, and poet. Sigmund Groven has an international career as a harmonica soloist, with concerts in Carnegie Hall in New York and Mozarteum in Salzburg. He has made more than 30 albums, some of which entered the charts in South Korea and Hong Kong. He is also an award-winning composer.

Aasmund Nordstoga |Kjetil Bjerkestrand |Knut Buen |Sigmund Groven

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