Hold dæ på vingan – Susanne Lundeng

1 Hold dæ på vingan(3:22)
2 Det å ei (3:22)
3 Så skjedde det igjen (3:22)
4 Ser du dæ tebake (3:22)
5 Svalgang (3:22)
6 Hymne fra Norlandia (3:22)
7 Det berre vil sæ ikke i dag (3:22)
8 Hav (3:22)

Susanne Lundeng: fiddle, vocals, Nils-Olav Johansen: guitar, vocals, Erik Nylander: drums

Susanne Lundeng has been one of Norway’s most active folk musicians for 30 years.

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Northern Norwegian intensity

The album «Hold dæ på vingan» («Stay on your wings») shows Susanne Lundeng’s strong need to explore outside the traditional musical borders, when she uses and mixes what she has collected of fiddle and folk tunes from Northern Norway with life’s tender intensity. She has been one of Norway’s most active folk musicians in 30 years and this marks the release of her 12th album.

The last years she has developed from being one of Norway’s most celebrated fiddlers to being an award-winning text writer. In 2019 she received NOPA’s text award for the title song from her last album “Det va nære på” (“That was close”) (2018), her first release with self-written texts. The jury described it as “an innovative, banality-free treasure that is based on the big, as well as the simple questions, with playful and explorative language”.


Susanne Lundeng

Susanne Lundeng, anchored in Northern Norwegian traditional music, has developed into being a unique fiddle player, composer, singer and musical free thinker. She has among a range of other awards won a Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy’s Award) for her release of 100 Northern Norwegian folk tunes.

Nils-Olav Johansen

Nils-Olav Johansen is a jazz guitarist and singer. He draws inspiration from traditional music from all over the world in his musical expression, and is known for his virtuoso improvisations with a unique signature. He is a professor in jazz guitar at the jazz department at NTNU in Trondheim.

Erik Nylander

Erik Nylander is born in Norberg, Sweden. He has contributed on around 50 releases and toured in numerous countries. He has been a co-producer and musician on two projects with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. The last years he has been instrumental on two different projects with Ola Kvernberg, where the album “Liarbird” won the Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy’s Award) in 2014 and “the Mechanical Fair” was nominated in 2015. He plays among other bands in Honest John, Nymo/Zetterberg/Nylander, Monoswezi, Ape Club, Bjørn Alterhaug Quintet, Erlend Slettevoll Trio and Steamdome.

Erik Nylander |Susanne Lundeng

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