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TORGEIR VASSVIK: Dudinka / Seavvit · Geir Tore Holm / Lávvi · Beaver In Red Wood / Návdi Garii · At The Stone Desert / Ruvdarássi · Kåven / Rupzias · Her Neck / Niehkki · Father Is An Eagle / Áhpi Goaskin · Orca Angel Dust / Fahkonmore… Nástegovva · The Storm Is Coming In / Dálkkáskit · East / Nuortan · Drifting Wood / Fierváhirsa · Whipped / Spiddumat · Voodoo Against Arctic Oil Drilling / Stuibmi · Sister / Oappážat · Sun In December / Beaivváš · Global Fever / Sápmi Máilbmi ·


Innovative, experimental expression of ancient tradition

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Avant-Garde Joik with modern strings: powerful, sensual and meditative

Building on the powerful joik of Torgeir Vassvik, VASSVIK explores the span between improvised and traditional music. In addition to Torgeir, the band consists of the merited brothers Rasmus and Hans P. Kjorstad and sound technician Audun Strype. The unique combination of experimental strings and joik creates a sound best described as "progressive joik with modern strings; powerful, sensual and meditative".


"The core of the Sámi culture is the animism: everything is connected, everything is alive. Gákti is the often colourful outfit, which we Sámi people are so lucky to have. It has a wider meaning than wearing clothes. It draws a lot of attention to our culture and keeps our identity alive. It protects us, just as the ice shall cover important parts of the earth. My personal Gákti is the music that is deeply rooted in the traditional Joik and the Sámi culture. At the same time I love to create new patterns and designs by undertaking sound experiments and updating the animistic tradition." – Torgeir Vassvik

Innovative, experimental expression of ancient tradition

The pieces on “Gákti” include personal Joiks (a Joik dedicated to someone), tributes to nature, friendship, love and feminine power, songs on climate change, songs for those who are gone, but still live, and Joiks of the world view of indigenous people. The music develops a seamless relationship between Joik, improvised instrumental music, electronics, guitar- and fiddle riffs. It has rhythmic pull, is open and multifaceted. By combining a convincing foundation in old traditional music, with willingness, eagerness and ability to experiment within that frame, VASSVIK succeeds at creating a meditative, sensual and powerful musical expression.

"Torgeir Vassvik’s latest album Gákti is a compelling soundworld that blurs the line between music and nature itself. By fusing together Sami vocal art, electronic and avant folk textures and what can only be called – a deep shamanic blues – VASSVIK has created something enlightening and transformative. It is a 21st century soul music, that mines the past while it searches for the future." – Chris Eckman, Glitterbeat


Nordic Folk Alliance, Sweden, April 10.-12.
Cafeteatret, Oslo, June 07.
Origins Festival, Rich Mix, London June 11. and 13.
Sommelo Festival, Finland June 28.
Førde Festival, Norway July 6. and 7.
Fanø Free Folk Festival, Denmark July 26.
Himmelstorm Festival, Denmark July 28.
Méra World Music Festival, Romania Aug 4.
Ancient Trance Festival, Taucha, Germany Aug 9.

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