Følge – Susanne Lundeng

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Susanne Lundeng

Susanne Lundeng presents North Norwegian folk music in a beautiful and modern style. Her new CD “Følge” is a unique and genre-crossing album.

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Susanne Lundeng presents North Norwegian folk music in a beautiful and modern style.


“Følge” is a unique and genre-crossing album.

Susanne Lundeng is one of Norway’s most recognized folk musicians. With her musical roots in the folk music of Northern Norway, she has a distinct sound as a musician, composer, singer and musical free thinker.

Through her relationship with the art form and the old traditions that follow, Susanne has developed her sound over time and has gained great acceptance within the international scene.

In her interaction with jazz musicians Nils-Olav Johansen and Erik Nylander, she explores the music through improvisational conversations, and in the lyrics and melodies she portrays the drama of life and its impact on both people and landscapes.

Her music has been described as deeply melancholic, subdued, tender and stormy.

“Følge” is Susanne Lundeng’s 13th album. Here are long, painting musical images with the fiddle as the narrator and small sensory observations in the lyrics, always close at hand.

Her musical language lies faithful in the depths of the North Norwegian primal rhythm, a pulsating three-beat with power and intensity and folk tones’ poetic and melodic lines.

The album is titled “Følge”. In old Nordic tradition, “Følge” is every person’s guardian spirit, a companion in life from cradle to grave and acts as a forewarning and protector.

– We all have people we have met through life and I am a link in a playing and storytelling culture and have the music, musicians and memories with me. I experience that as my “Følge”, says Susanne.

The lineup is Susanne Lundeng: fiddle, vocals and octave fiddle, Nils-Olav Johansen: guitar, bass guitar, vocals, finger cymbals, church organ, synth organ, piano and clavinet, Erik Nylander: drums.

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