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DRAUMKVEDET – Kåre Nordstoga

Draumkvedet – The Drammore… Ballad

Ellen Nordstoga, vocal · Halvor Håkanes, vocal · Kåre Nordstoga, organ · Alf Tveit, Hardanger fiddle · Per Egil Hovland, flute

The Dream Ballad, even in the most incomplete form in whitch it has come down to us, possesses a majesty that is without equal.

Genre: Folk Music

The Dream Ballad

Olav Åsteson fell asleep on Christmas Eve and did not awaken until the Twelfth Day (Epiphany). During this time he was in the otherworld and underwent harsh experiences. "I have looked at burning hell and caught a glimpse of heaven". He saw the punishment for sins in this world and he encountered the reward for good deeds that were done.

Alf Tveit |Ellen Nordstoga |Halvor Håkanes |Kåre Nordstoga |Knut Brotnow |Per Egil Hovland |Trad.

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