Den fagraste rosa – Bukkene Bruse

ANNBJØRG LIEN, BJØRN OLE RASCH: LULLÁMUS, ANNBJØRG LIEN, BJØRN OLE RASCH, KEITH EMERSON: ST. SUNNIVA, MAURICE RAVEL, TRAD. : MIT HJERTE ALTID VANKER (Danish lyrics: Hans Adolph Brorson), STEINAR OFSDAL: ROMJULSGANGAR, TRAD. : EIT BARN ER FØDmore…T I BETLEHEM (Norwegian lyrics: Bernt Støylen. Arr.: Bjørn Ole Rasch) · HAUGEBONDEN (Arr.: Bjørn Ole Rasch) · JULEFRAN (Arr.: Bukkene Bruse) · ET LIDET BARN SAA LYSTELIG (Lyrics: Arvid Pedersön. Arr.: Bukkene Bruse) / I DENNE SØDE JULETID (Danish lyrics: Hans Adolph Brorson. Arr.: Bjørn Ole Rasch) · SÅ SPELA FAR JULEFTAN (Arr.: Bukkene Bruse) · DEN FAGRASTE ROSA ER FUNNI (Danish lyrics: Hans Adolph Brorson. Norwegian lyrics: Elias Blix. Arr.: Bjørn Ole Rasch) · FOR SAADAN' MILDHEDS GAVER (Lyrics: Paul Eber. Arr.: Bukkene Bruse)

Bukkene Bruse is: Arve Moen Bergset, Annbjørg Lien, Steinar Ofsdal, Bjørn Ole Rasch

Traditional tunes on different Christmas album.

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Den fagraste rosa – a different Christmas Album

The fagraste rosa is Bukkene Bruse´s first Christmas album and is a cherished alternative to the more glossy produced Christmas music. The album evokes thoughtful calm and offers an pleasant journey through Norwegian folk music with elements from several places in the country. The material is taken from the group´s Christmas concerts during several years, and the result is a different Christmas album that mixes folk music traditions with sacred overtones. The album was nominated for a Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy Award), and was met with praise from critics across the country. The repertoire consists of traditional Norwegian music and more recent compositions by the group members. The more familiar songs are presented in a variety of melodic variations and arrangements, emphasizing the many opportunities in folk music.

Annbjørg Lien |Arve Moen Bergset |Bjørn Ole Rasch |Bukkene Bruse |Keith Emerson |Maurice Ravel |Steinar Ofsdal |Trad.

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