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Breim (Bok ink. CD) – Sigrid Moldestad

Aamundspringaren. Springar etter Aamund Dale - Gamalt etter Gabriel Gloppestad - Aa gjev eg hadde ei fela god - Bruremarsj etter Anders Reed - Springarar etter Ingebrigt Myklebust og Per Bolstad - Vals etter Bøssen, Lars Evebø -more… Springarkule,Kobberstadspringar.Springar etter Støyva,Nils Magne Maurset springar - Halling etter Gabriel Reed - Gamalt frå Breim, Gamalt etter Jørn Gloppestad - Bøa-elva - Sindrespringar etter Zakarias Døsen - Springar etter Per Støyva og Peder Råd - Den fyrste springaren, Springar etter Anders Reed - Ingen klokkar så vil eg ha. Trad. etter Andreas Lyslo - Den fiineste kone paa stranden - Fløytelåt etter Akseline Kvile - Søtegamalt. Gamalt etter Einar Henden, Gamalt etter Jørn Gloppestad - Hamborgar etter Støyva-Nils - Tyrolervals etter Ola Bruland - Giv meg igjen min barnefryd - Vals etter Zakarias Døsen - Ka har dåkke gjort-springar. Springar etter Anders Reed - Den fyrste reinlenderen. Etter Zakarias Døsen - To masurka frå Gloppen - Springar etter Zakarias, Jo Døsen og Springar etter Per Støyva - Den siste springaren, Springar etter Anders Reed

Sigrid Moldestad

Sigrid Moldestad returns to her roots with the groundbreaking folk music album “Breim.”

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Genre: Folkemusikk

Sigrid Moldestad returns to her roots with the groundbreaking folk music album “Breim.”


Sigrid Moldestad, the acclaimed Norwegian artist and songwriter, delves deep into the heart of her cultural heritage with her upcoming album “Breim.” After six successful solo albums primarily featuring her own songs and lyrics, Moldestad is now exploring her role as a musician and delivering a personal work inspired by her roots.

In “Breim,” Moldestad explores the rich traditional music of her hometown, Breim, where she grew up. The album is a tribute to the traditional fiddle music for which the Vestland village is renowned, complete with authentic interpretations on the fiddle, hardanger fiddle, and vocals. With 26 tracks, Moldestad takes listeners on a journey through generations of musical heritage, featuring tunes that have lived in the heart of Breim.

In addition to the album, Moldestad has created an accompanying book that provides an in-depth look into the music-making process. The book includes personal narratives, documentary material about fiddlers and the music, as well as visual stories from her hometown, captured through the lens of photographer Magnus Skrede.

Moldestad has invested time and courage in exploring her place in this tradition, and the result is a poignant and honest work that celebrates the powerful music that has flourished in Breim. She says, “This is an album that took time to create. Perhaps because my role as a tradition bearer is associated with great responsibility, fear of making mistakes, and, most importantly, respect for how the performers before me have influenced, played, and conveyed. It takes time to find one’s place in the tradition. It has also taken me time to dare to stand in all of this with only my own voice and tones. This album is a collection of tunes I am particularly fond of, have discovered, and shaped based on my knowledge and experience of the tradition’s characteristics, rhythm, and tonality. I am grateful for all those who have played and sung these tunes before me.”

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