Ankomst – Gjermund Larsen Trio – Gjermund Larsen Trio

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Gjermund Larsen, fiddle · Andreas Utnem, harmonium · Sondre Meisfjord, double bass · Helge Andreas Norbakken, percussion · Gro Kjelleberg Solli, vocal

Gjermund Larsen is a true cornucopia of genuine musicality.

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Gjermund Larsen´s Applauded Debut Album

Gjermund Larsen won the Grappa debutant award in 2007 and released his debut album, "Ankomst" (Arrival), with Gjermund Larsen trio in 2008. The album, which made Gjermund Larsen a favorite with the critics, was quickly appointed one of the year´s best Norwegian releases and was awarded Spellemannsprisen (the Norwegian Grammy) in the category for traditional folk music. Fiddle virtuoso Gjermund Larsen has an exceptionally wide range of musical expressions. Deeply rooted in the traditions of Norwegian music, he is flirting with other styles through playful and convincing improvisation. The music is fast and slow, high and low, and in the counterpoint between tradition and innovation, Gjermund Larsen is a true cornucopia of genuine musicality. The musicians´ fresh improvisational and playful interaction with tradition leaves no doubt that folk music is very much alive. This is a true treasure chest filled with beautiful melodies and divine fiddling.

Andreas Utnem |Gjermund Larsen |Gjermund Larsen Trio |Gro Kjelleberg Solli |Helge Andreas Norbakken |Leiv Solberg |Sondre Meisfjord

Release date: 27.10.2008

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