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Haddy · Ørnulv Snortheim · Bernt André Moen · Tor Egil Kreken · Paulin Skoglund Voss · Olav Mjelva · Øystein Bergsvik · Camilla Tømta

Lyrics and melodies are Haddy’s own.

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Haddy – Nattblomst

Nattblomst is Haddy’s first album in Norwegian. Lyrics and melodies are Haddy’s own. Most of the album was recorderd in the an annex, owned by the guitarist and producer Ørnulv Snortheim, which Haddy has worked together with for ten years now.

In this album you’ll find elements of singer songwriting, blues, folk and rock. Haddy is well known to many for the countless large live TV-shows she has led, from the Eurosvision Song Contest and Sport Galas, to the Norwegian Constitution Anniversary, Aid-programs and the Memorial ceremony for July 22.

Furthermore she is also working as a journalist. She has released three albums before Nattblosmt, all in English. In addition to having been a columnist for the newspaper Dagbladet, Haddy has published a children’s book and also written a theatre drama for youths.


Haddy – Nattblomst

Bernt André Moen |Camilla Tømta |Fredrik Lyngås Pedersen |Haddy Njie |Olav Mjelva |Ørnulv Snortheim |Øystein Bergsvik |Paulin Skoglund Voss |Tor Egil Kreken

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