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Featuring – Hanne Sørvaag

Hanne Sørvaag/Kim Edvard Bergseth: Your Heart Stopped Talking, Why I Mess It Up, Hjertekammer, The Bad One´s the Best One, Timing Is Everything · Hanne Sørvaag/Odd Erik Ognedal: På Denne Tiå Her i Fjor · Hanne Sørvaag/Tobias Steinkjær/Arnemore… Hovda: Better Man · Hanne Sørvaag/Shaun Bartlett: How Did We Get Here · Hanne Sørvaag/Unni Wilhelmsen/Kim Edvard Bergseth: Anything ´bout June Again · Hanne Sørvaag/Teitur Lassen/Svein Olav Hyttebakk: Temporary Days

Hanne Sørvaag featuring Knut Reiersrud, Amund Maarud, Elle Melle, Tobias Steinkjær, Wenche Myhre, Peter Howarth, Claudia Scott, Shaun Bartlett, Unni Wilhelmsen and Magnus Carlson.

On her new album, Hanne Sørvaag has teamed up with several of her idols and best collaborators. The result is a strong summary of different collaborations of the past, present and future.

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On her new album, Hanne Sørvaag has gathered several of her idols and best musical partners.

Guests on the album is Knut Reiersrud, Unni Wilhelmsen, Wenche Myhre, Claudia Scott, Amund Maarud, the Danish country artist Tobias Steinkjær, Elle Melle, Shaun Bartlett, Peter Howart from "The Hollies" and Magnus Carlson from the Swedish band "Weeping Willows".

From the Faroe Islands, Teitur contributes as songwriter, and Kim Edvard Bergseth is producer and co-writer. «Featuring» is not a traditional duet album, but a collection of co-operations with instrumentalists, songwriters and vocalists attached to Sørvaags career. It’s artists that has inspired her through the years, and the result has become a kind of tribute, a summary of some of here successful co-operations from the past, present and the future.

Amund Maarud |Hanne Sørvaag |Kim Edward Bergseth |Knut Reiersrud

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