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Det eneste jeg vil – Kaia Huuse

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Kaia Huuse · Ola Gustafsson · Andreas Dahlbäck · David Nyström · Janne Manninen · Jan Eggum · Stockholm Strings

The new cooperation with producer Ola Gustafsson, who is considered as among Scandinavia’s most skillful producers, has made Huuse come closer to her original expression,– the way she thinks when she writes her songs.

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New album from Kaia Huuse

For 14 years, Kaia Huuse has distinguished herself as a singer and a songwriter using her native language. She has touched audiences around the country with her strong and emotional musical expression.

Nowadays, Huuse has been in the studio with Swedish super producer Ola Gustafsson. He has had great success with artists that Huuse looks up to, such as Melissa Horn and Lars Winnerbäck. He fell for her heavy-weighed Norwegian folksong lyrics, as well as her variations in the use of melancholy and melodic playfulness. The new cooperation with Gustafsson, who is considered by many as Scandinavia’s most skillful producer in his own field, has made Huuse come closer to her original expression, which is the way she thinks when she writes her songs. The lyrics are still in Norwegian, and they are all signed by Huuse herself along with the melodies.

“I needed a change, and wanted to work with the people that have always inspired me. With me on the team, I got the musicians I wanted – musicians that play with Håkan Hellstrøm, Lisa Ekdahl , Ulf Lundell and Melissa Horn on a daily basis. This has been a great journey for me. I left my former organizer, my producer, my studio, my city and my country, and turned up at Södermalm in Stockholm utterly alone. No one knew my story, and no one knew anything about me. They had only heard twelve new songs with music and guitar. It was like starting all over again, both in a good way and in a bad way. I experienced Ola Gustafsson as a strict producer, who knew what he wanted and who sometimes pushed me out of my comfort zone. At the same time, I felt as though this was a perfect match, we understood each other in the end, and I’ve learned so much by being stretched a bit.”

The songs on “Det eneste jeg vil” are about difficult emotions such as grief, longing, loss and disruption. But all is not hopeless, they are also about everyday things like love, everyday happiness, time squeeze and pancakes.

Andreas Dahlbäck |David Nyström |Jan Eggum |Janne Manninen |Kaia Huuse |Ola Gustafsson |Stockholm Strings

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