Mahler Symphony no 1 (Titan) – Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Gustav Mahler: Symphony no.1 (with Blümine) (Berlin ed: Titan); Piano Quartet in more…G minor

Norrköping Symphony Orchestra · Ole Kristian Ruud, conductor · Mats Jansson, piano · Henrik Petersen, violin · Lennart Falkenbring, viola · Niklaas Velman, cello

Mahler´s "Titan – eine Tondichtung in Symphonieform" performed by The Symphony Orchestra of Norrköping and conductor Ole Kristian Ruud.

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Mahler´s Titan

Gustav Mahler´s “Titan – eine Tondichtung in Symphonieform”, the early version of his 1st Symphony, was originally described as a symphonic poem in two parts, later revised by Mahler for a performance in Hamburg and was given its name from a novel by the German poet Jean Paul. The version recorded here is the Hamburg-version, a work in two parts with five movements with descriptive titles – including the famous ‘Blümine’. Beginning with a feeling of timeless space and stillness, far removed from the heroic vigour the title “Titan” may evoke, it soon grows faster and lighter, becoming one of the most spellbinding moments in 19th century symphonic music.

Also featured on this album is Mahler´s “Piano Quartet, A minor”, performed by the prize-winning pianist Mats Jansson with members of the Holmen Quartet, a piece almost completely unknown until 1973. Since then the work has conquered concert platforms and is now an appreciated addition to the chamber music repertoire.

Gustav Mahler |Norrköping Symphony Orchestra |Ole Kristian Ruud |Robert Suff

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