Johan Halvorsen: Stage music, vol. 2 – Latvia National Symph. Orchestra

Johan Halvorsen: Orchestral suites: Vasantasena ·Tordenskjold · Themore… King

Latvia National Symph. Orchestra · Terje Mikkelsen, conductor

Among Johan Halvorsen’s approximately 170 compositions, theater music therefore takes a great place.

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Adventurous music stories by Johan Halvorsen

Terje Mikkelsen and the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra takes us back to the Norwegian National Theatre’s golden age, and shows us the musical treasures of the foremost composer of dramatic music in Norway: Johan Halvorsen (1864-1935). For 20 years, until 1919, Halvorsen conducted Norway’s largest professional symphony orchestra at the Norwegian National Theatre. Among his approximately 170 compositions, theater music therefore takes a great place.

Vasantasena, which is an Indian drama attributed to King Sudarka who lived on 300’s, inspired Halvorsen to create music with an exotic accent, a project that was not exactly typical of a Norwegian composer at the turn of the century. The music was spiced with oriental-inspired instruments that particular scale types, ornaments, rhythm instruments and rare instrument and sound combinations.

Tordenskjold is a historic play, and the suite has three movements of very different character – a baroque-inspired movement Rigaudon, the explosive war march Tordenskjold goes into Action, and a heavy Funeral March. In the elaborate drama The King by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Halvorsen is inspired by Wagner’s music drama in the first movement Symphonic Intermezzo. Of an entirely different character is Hyrdepigernes dance, and finally Elegy that "swell of beautiful designs and euphony" as it was described in a local paper after the first performance.

Erik Gard Amundsen |Johan Halvorsen |Latvia National Symph. Orchestra |Terje Mikkelsen

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