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En hellig, alminnelig lek – sanger til dikt av André Bjerke

MARCUS PAUS: Sanger til tekster av 100-års jubilanten André Bjerke På jorden et sted · Med åtte roser · Måken · Bedrøvet fugl (Hommage à Ravel) · Hold min hånd · Berceuse · Trosartikler · Hverdagsmirakel · Aldri · Tingenes lengselmore… · Sten mot ruten (Jens Bjørneboe in memoriam)

Julie Kleive, song · Joachim Kwetzinsky, piano

"The poems spoke to me instantly" [Marcus Paus]

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Celebrating André Bjerke 100 years

Celebrating the poet and author André Bjerke’s 100 year anniversary, Julie Kleive and Joachim Kwetzinsky have recorded a collection of songs with text by Bjerke and music by Marcus Paus. Throughout his profession as a classical composer, the poetry of André Bjerke has played a significant role in Marcus Paus´ life: “His poetry hit a musical nerve in me. A couple of the songs featured on the album, are poems I heard with melody the first time I read them. The poems spoke to me instantly.”

André Bjerke is one of the most important authors and lyricists of the 19th century in Norway. His varied works stretch from poems and translations of well-known plays such as Goethe and Shakespeare, to crime novels and children books. Drawing on the diversity of Bjerke, the songs created by Marcus Paus are interpreted by the versatile musicians Julie Kleive and Joachim Kwetzinsky.

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