21 Marches for the 21st Century – The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces

Marches by: Thierry De Mey · Bjørn Kruse · Olav Berg · Stephen Montague · Eivind Buene · Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje · Helge Sunde · Tryggvi M. Baldvinson · Knut Vaage · Frank Tveor Nordensten · Håkon Berge · Ole-Henrik Moe · Torgrimmore… Sollid · Bojdar Spassov · Rune Rebne · Erkki-Sven Tüür · Kjell Samkopf · Lotta Wennäkoski · Magnar Åm · Dagfinn Koch · Michael Finnisy

Thomas Rimul, conductor · Kjell Seim, conductor · Bjørn Sagstad, conductor · Peter Sebastian Szilvay, conductor · Christer Johannesen, conductor · Eivind Gullberg Jensen, conductor · The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces · The Military Band of The Norwegian Armed Forces · The Royal Norwegian Navy Band

Brand new marches for a brand new century.

Forward march!

The Norwegian Cultural Council, as a part of their Attacca -00 project, asked 21 composers if they would contribute to the tradition of marching music by writing a new piece. 14 Norwegian composers, divided into the young and the more established, and seven international composers were invited. In this way, the 21 marches for the 21st century became a reality.

This is a unique document, showing how the different writers of today handles the possibilities and restrictions the form of a march lays upon them. Edition Warner/Chappell are releasing the printed scores of this music in Europe this autumn, making it possible for concert bands to bring a bit of spice into their repertoire.

Norway’s seven professional concert bands were given 3 marches each for premiere and recording, both done on location in their own region.

Bjørn Kruse |Dagfinn Koch |Eivind Buene |Erik Gard Amundsen |Erkki-Sven Tüür |Frank Tveor Nordensten |Håkon Berge |Helge Sunde |Kjell Samkopf |Knut Vaage |Magnar Åm |Maja S. K. Ratkje |Olav Berg |Ole Henrik Moe |Rune Rebne |The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces |Thomas Rimul |Torgrim Sollid

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