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Valkyrien Allstars – Valkyrien Allstars

JOACHIM NIELSEN: HVIS JEG VAR DEG (Arr.: Valkyrien Allstars), JON ROSENLID: KNEPPHALLINGEN (Arr.: Valkyrien Allstars), JØRN HILME, TRAD. : TRUMPEN HASS TROND / KOLIBRI I MOTVIND (Lyrics and arr.: Ola Hilmen), TRAD. : REVEN (Arr.: Ola Hilmen)more…, TRAD., WEBSTER LEWIS: KÅFJELL / IT'S YOUR THING (Arr.: Valkyrien Allstars),VALKYRIEN ALLSTARS : Å GJEV DU BATT MEG (Lyrics: Arne Garborg, Jon Bjørgulvson Rysstad) · FYLL MITT BEGER PÅ NY (Lyrics: Lord Byron. Norwegian lyrics: Karen Sofie Hansen) · ALLI MEIR · SPELEMANNEN · EG VIL HA DEG

Valkyrien Allstars: Ola Hilmen, Erik Sollid, Tuva Livsdatter Syvertsen

Valkyrien Allstars´ groundbreaking debut!

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Folk is the New Rock Valkyrien Allstars’ debut album was a sensation. Their unique and rocking interpretation of Norwegian folk music represented a new and unfamiliar expression in Norwegian music. Critics and audiences were excited and Valkyrien Allstars received Spellemannprisen (the Norwegian Grammy Award) as Newcomers of the Year 2007. Unreserved enthusiasm and fresh originality leads the way in Valkyrien Allstars´ music . The group always have a stomping foot in the folk tradition and in particular, they conjure up the legendary fiddlers Hallvard Kvåle as one of the inspirations. The material consists of self-composed songs and fresh interpretations of traditional folk tunes.


Great debut from the rocking folk group Valkyrien Allstars!

Youthful Music

Valkyrien Allstars is a folk music group consisting of three Norwegian youths in their early twenties. (Tuva Syvertsen, Erik Sollid and Ola Hilmen). They are from the eastern part of Norway and are all playing the national instrument the Hardanger fiddle. Valkyrien Allstars has existed since 2003, but they have been practicing as musicians since they were youngsters.

Modern Take on Traditional Tunes

Their music is based on traditional Norwegian tunes, but they have given the sound a new dimension and created pieces of music that gives them a more modern and international sound. They enjoy experimenting with music from other categories and cultures. In this way they succeed in bringing folk-music further ahead and can be reckoned as avant-garde in their field. The vocal gives it all a further dimension and their way of singing is also much based on original song-tradition in Norway.

Award Winning Musicians

Valkyrien Allstars has been awarded the first GRAPPA price for newcomers that gave them the opportunity to record and release their debut album, Valkyrien Allstars. In addition to several concerts and performances for official and private organizers, they were voted all the way through and into the final of the Norwegian Broadcasting/NRKs last edition of “Kjempesjansen” – a competition for talented young musicians.

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Release date: 01.10.2007

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