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Trad – Hoven Droven

1. Amerikalinien
2. Sprackarull´n
3. Evertsberg
4. Jensine
5. Isak-Anders
6. Vårruset
7. Fela Inferno
8. Mörsil
9. Maraakéspolskan
10. Stugun
11. Spoven

Kjell-Erik Eriksson: fiddle
 - Bo Lindberg: guitar - Jens Comén: saxophone
 - Björn Höglund: drums - 
Pedro Blom: bass

(Norsk) «Trad» oppsummerer håndverket bandet har finslipt i over 30 år. Medlemmene er hver for seg godt plantet både i den svenske tradisjonsmusikken så vel som i rock og jazz, en kombinasjon som har overbevist et bredt publikum over hele verden med smittende grooves og virtuost spill.

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“Trad” summarizes the craft that the band has been polishing over the last 30 years. Their feet are firmly planted in both the Swedish traditional music as well as in rock and jazz: a combination that has convinced a wide audience with their infectious grooves and virtuoso playing.


This album gives you a mix of the distinctive material they´ve perfected, you´ll find folk-rock-disco, hard rocking bridal marches, as well as nostalgic, downtempo waltzes. All in honour of the tradition bearers that came before them:

“On the cover of our new album we give thanks to all those players who has carried, and are still carrying, the tradition of Swedish folk music. They are the reason we do what we do. After 30 years together we feel confident enough to name our new album “Trad” – short for “traditional” – despite the fact that most of the songs on it are new compositions. Hopefully they will one day be part of the rich swedish folk music heritage that we ourselves are inspired by. We are very proud of this album”. Kjell-Erik, Jens, Björn, Pedro & Bo

The band has done thousands of shows across Europe and North America, and their special flavour of traditional Swedish folk music has gained them thousands of fans across the world. Hoven Droven has worked with symphony orchestras, choirs, dancers, the fire artists Burnt Out Punks and with a wide variety of famous Swedish artists like, Stefan Sundström, Ebba Forsberg and E-Type.

Since the start in 1991 the band has released seven studio albums, and in 2007 their live album ”Jumping at The Cedar”, recorded in Minneapolis, earned the band a Swedish Grammy nomination.

Release date: 17.09.2021

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Cat.No.: HCD7330-2

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