Tonen i meg – Sigrid Moldestad

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Sigrid Moldestad

Sigrid Moldestad slipper sitt sjette soloalbum og tar oss med inn i et musikalsk landskap med mørkere understrømmer enn tidligere. Hardingfela er fortsatt sterkt tilstede på flere låter, men dette albumet leker i flere sjangre.

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Sigrid Moldestad releases her 6th solo album and drags us into a musical landscape with darker undercurrents than before. The Norwegian fiddle is still strongly present on several songs, but this album is playing around with different genres.

Sigrid Moldestad has found her inner tone on this album. The album Tonen i meg is both fragile and powerful, skinless and comforting, melancholic and uplifting. It represents all the contrasts in life, crystallized in small stories that are basically about all of us. Past and present goes hand in hand in many of the songs. Small glimpses of a bygone era that puts our troubled time in relief with Moldestad’s voice in the middle as a warm hug, in this cold time we´re in. With her, she has her standard band for many years. An exquisite group of playful, listening and exploratory musicians.

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