Syng Hjerte – Liv Runesdatter

Jeg har en venn · Solrenning Sæle · Hellig ånd, o himmellue · Hos Gud er idel glede · Syng hjerte, syng en aftensang · Op all den ting · So, ro snubberusken min · Jeg er nå så glad · Skal vi ustridig hist · Saligheten er ossmore… nær/nyårssalme · Nu solen går ned

Liv Runesdatter · Alfred Janson · Rolf-Erik Nystrøm · Trygve Seim · Håkon Thelin

Liv Runesdatter’s first solo release shows a passionate way of expressing traditional, Norwegian folk music.

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Liv Runesdatter from Norway

In her first solo release, Liv shows a passionate way of expressing traditional Norwegian folk music. Educated by some of the best folk musicians in Norway, she works as a freelance vocalist, componist and producer. The music and lyrics in this beautiful album are collected by Liv herself from sources ranging from late 1800 and up until today, by both well known writers and the common man. This album tell stories about happiness and grief, love and loss, life and death and the human spirit. The result is a harmonic and wonderfully different kind of sound, expressed in a fresh and bold way.

Alfred Janson |Håkon Thelin |Liv Runesdatter |Rolf-Erik Nystrøm |Trad. |Trygve Seim

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