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Stifinner – Tone Hulbækmo

TONE HULBÆKMO: Inn i eventyret · Rakstkulletrall · Dalstroka innafor · Magnusgangaren · Lyringen · Stifinner · Lørdagskveldleken · Midtvegs · Kjerringa på Toten · Drømmefanger · Innerst inne · Verdens vakreste navn · Harpe og dolk ·more… Vintergata · TONE HULBÆKMO, TRAD. : Godsøta Jylland · Inga Litimor · Påsså-Tore · Den lyse dag forgangen er

Tone Hulbækmo: norwegian harp, vocal (song, rap, declamation), harmonium, lyre, chinese glockenspiel · Hans Fredrik Jacobsen: flutes, guitar, oud, melodeon, birimbao, jakbjøller · Alf Hulbækmo: keyboard, piano, harmonica · Ellen Brekken: double bass · Hans Hulbækmo: drums/percussion, jew´s harp, saw · Heida Karine Johannesdottir: tuba w/ electronics (Magnusgangaren, Kjerringa på Toten) · Rob Waring: marimba (Vintergata)

Tone Hulbækmo´s latest album «Stifinner» is a rare and successful fusion of different musical genres and expressions.

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Genre: Folk Music

Tone Hulbækmo: ‘Pathfinder’

The latest solo album by Tone Hulbækmo, «Stifinner», presents a personal musical world which is both modern and timeless at the same time. With elements of different folk musical traditions, music from the middle ages and blues, Hulbækmo has managed to create an album bypassing every genre convention and incorporate inspiration from several of her collaborative projects from all over the world – with significant help from several highly skilled musicians with their own personal musical expression.

The main musical instrument on the album is the Norwegian harp. The Norwegian harp tradition was a near extinct musical tradition, and Hulbækmo was herself the first to pick up and continue this rich tradition already on her debut album «Kåmmo no» from 1993 – an album she received the first of several Norwegian Grammys. On «Stifinner» the harp is used as a modern instrument within different genres, as a solo instrument, as accompaniment and as an ensemble instrument. Furthermore, Hulbækmo has also chosen to pursue new and original ways with her own voice, in an exploration of new vocal expressions, including rap, spoken word, declamation – in addition to traditional song. A rare and successful fusion of inspirations and musical expressions.

Alf Hulbækmo |Ellen Brekken |Hans Fredrik Jacobsen |Hans Hulbækmo |Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck |Rob Waring |Tone Hulbækmo |Trad.

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