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Slåttejazz: Helene Høye, fiddle · Ole Sigvard Lunnan, grand piano

Folky jazz from Norwegian duo.

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The duo Slåttejazz plays newly-composed dance tunes mainly in the traditional style of Gudbrandsdalen. At the core of of this style are nature’s lyrical moods which encourage creativity and deeper exploration. Our goal is to explore how the fiddle played in the traditional style can be combined with a contemporary piano playing the tunes in the manner of jazz. Thus you hear the fiddle played as a solo instrument while around it the piano toys with rhytms and tonal images, adding its own comments and some times improvisations. We have presented our music several times for an international audience with great success. Enjoy our newly released Cd Slåttehjerte (Heilo) which can be obtained from our record company, itunes, or websites as Producer is Tellef Kvifte, technician Tor-Magne Hallibakken.

Helene Høye |Ole Sigvard Lunnan |Tellef Kvifte

Release date: 17.01.2011

EAN : 7033662072583

Cat.No.: HCD7258

Priskategori : CD