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Slåttar frå Kvam, Ulvik, Eidfjord og Ullensvang (3CD + BOK) – Knut Hamre - Benedicte Maurseth - Annlaug Børsheim - Lajla Renate Buer Storli

TRADITIONAL TUNES FROM HARDANGER. 3CD + book (Norwegian text only)more….

Hardanger fiddle: Knut Hamre, Annlaug Børsheim, Lajla Renate Buer Storli, Benedicte Maurseth

Continuation of an entire legacy

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In 2018, the collection “Slåttar frå Granvin” was released, where Knut Hamre recorded almost a hundred folk tunes from his hometown. Now, the sequel with the rest of the repertoire from Hardanger is coming: “Slåttar frå Kvam, Ulvik, Eidfjord og Ullensvang”. The release contains recordings of 95 traditional tunes and an accompanying book. Thus, all of the traditional material from Hardanger is recorded on albums, almost 200 tunes in total with both releases. A unique reference work collected in two magnificent books with extensive biographical descriptions of fiddlers, exceptional tune descriptions, and unique photos from the fiddlers’ eventful lives.

The performers this time are Annlaug Børsheim, Benedicte Maurseth, Knut Hamre, and Lajla Buer Storli.



Annlaug Børsheim |Benedicte Maurseth |Knut Hamre |Lajla Renate Buer Storli

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