Samuels sang – Ann-Turi Ford

Samuel Hellen (1813 – 1892) er blant dem Lindeman dokumenterte flest sanger etter. Han er også vår største enkeltkilde til Pettermore… Dass-melodier.

Forfatter: Ann-Turi Ford, konsulenter: Astrid Nora Ressem og Espen Tjernshaugen

A new story about Norwegian Traditional music

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Samuels Hellens peculiar life

In this book you will find the songs and the peculiar life story of a unique and upon til now unknown source for traditional songs: Samuel Hellen, born as a vagabond, sentenced to a lifetime in prison at 29, after ten years he was pardoned, established a forge in Christiania, where he met Ludvig Mathias Lindeman – who wrote down 40 songs after Hellen. Here you will find all the songs after Hellen with lyrics and background, Lindemans original notes for the songs, the story about Samuels life, pictures, maps and illustrations, articles written by Hellen and transcripts of legal abstracts.
The book can be bought together with 3 albums containing all the 40 songs, with a varied range of arrangements.

Ann-Turi Ford

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