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Knut Hamre – Ferd – Knut Hamre

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Knut Hamre, fiddle

Many different ways of playing meet on this CD, bringing together the threads of Knut Hamre’s musical life so far.

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Knut Hamre from Granby in Hardanger has distinguished himself as one of Norway’s foremost fiddlers since he arose early 1970s. He has won a number of contests and toured at home – and abroad, and is a style creator who has inspired and trained many prominent young performers.

Now he is out with his new CD "Ferd". It’s the old Mosafinnspelet, with its short, pure cultured proposed forms and their characteristic style; the rich, developed tunes in the tradition after Halldor Meland; local tunes from Granby and freshly prepared tunes in different ways; lullaby and improvisation. And throughout this web runs a willingness to express power and intensity, combined with the serenity that is so characteristic of Knut Hamres playing.

Anders Haga |Anna Skeie |Bjarne Herrefoss |Knut Hamre |Lars Røystrand |Lars Skjervheim |Nils Økland |Ola Håstabø |Ola Mosafinn |Stein Versto |Trad.

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