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Khoom Loy – Annbjørg Lien

ANNBJØRG LIEN: Khoom Loy · Butterfly · ANNBJØRG LIEN, BJØRN OLE RASCH: Tareq · The Trapezian · Natten · Gode gut · Dancing Larry · Needles Eye · Til · BJØRN OLE RASCH: Psalm · TRAD. : Den Størstemore… Daarlighed

Annbjørg Lien · Bjørn Charles Dreyer · Hans Fredrik Jacobsen · Bjørn Ole Rasch · Per Elias Drabløs · Per Hillestad · Orsa Spelmän · Kristiansand String Quartet · Pat Broaders

Hear Annbjørg Lien on vocals for the first time! A sensitive and thrilling journey through different moods and styles.

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New Solo Album from Annbjørg Lien

Khoom Loy is a world music-production she has not done since the releases Prisme and Baba Yaga. Annbjørg Lien draws inspiration from a variety of traditions, with creativity, professionalism and intensity. With basis in Norwegian traditional music, she invites us to a sensitive and thrilling journey through different moods and styles. Annbjørg demonstrates again that she is one of our most innovative artists. She has a broad musical expression including the Hardanger fiddle, fiddle, key harp and vocals, and connects traditional instruments and melodies with the modern. Norwegian, Irish and Eastern folk music salute jazz, rock and other contemporary sounds. It is as natural to use Nepalese guest musicians as it is to set music to poems by Jakob Sande and André Bjerke or to self-written texts. The music alternates between the intense and heartfelt, the local moods and magnificent views, between instrumental music and songs. The album is produced by Bjørn Ole Rasch and recorded in Kongshavn Studios in Kristiansand.


Building bridges

Musical Odyssey

Annbjørg Lien explores a broad range of traditions with true professionalism and playfulness. From her roots in Northern music she invites us on a sensitive and sparkling odyssey through a wide set of moods and styles. Annbjørg once again shows that she is one of Norway’s most innovative artists, combining new and traditional instruments and soundscapes.

Khoom Loy

Also the album title evokes many themes. Khoom Loy is Thai for the airborne paper lanterns of Asian tradition, symbolizing wisdom, guidance and conveying wishes to heaven. Red lanterns are used for celebrations, green means growth, purple is for opportunity, pink for love and white is for health. Such a specter of colors and good wishes signifies The East meeting The West, not to forget The North, building bridges between traditions and temperatures, looking forward as well as backward. Traditional Norwegian, Irish and Asian music interact with jazz, rock and other contemporary styles. It feels just as natural with Nepalese musicians as tunes based on poems by Norwegian writers Jakob Sande and André Bjerke. The music moves from the intense to the evocative, from local moods to vast visions, from instrumentals to songs.

Eight solo album

This is Annbjørg’s eight solo album. She has also released albums with others, such as Bukkene Bruse who played during the closing ceremony at the 1994 Winter Olympics at Lillehammer. Bjørn Ole Rasch is producer and keyboard player. All music is by Annbjørg Lien and Bjørn Ole Rasch, and the album is recorded at Kongshavn Studio in Kristiansand, with the North Sea the closest neighbor.

Annbjørg Lien |Bjørn Charles Dreyer |Bjørn Ole Rasch |Durga Prasad Khatiwada |Fredrik Sahlander |Hans Fredrik Jacobsen |Jiwan Rai |Kjell Åge Stoveland |Kristiansand String Quartet |Mannskoret Gaasehud |Orsa Spelmän |Pat Broaders |Per Elias Drabløs |Per Hillestad |Petter Wettre |Prabhu Raj Dhakal |Rabin Lal Shrestha |Rolf Kristensen |Rune Arnesen |Suman Sachin |Suresh Raj Bajracharya |Tareq Abboushi |Trad. |Ytre Randesund Studiokor

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