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Ingen Mere Gråter – Ævestaden

1. Stanna Inte
2. Far
3. Gud unde oss her
4. På tid å dra
5. Und mig Gud
6. Flytta

Ævestaden: Eir Vatn Strøm - Levina Storåkern - Kenneth Lien

(Norsk) Den svensknorske trioen Ævestaden slipper endelig debutalbumet “Ingen Mere Gråter”. Nykomponert og tradisjonell musikk, med gamle og moderne instrumenter, der lyrer, fele, munnharpe, kantele, vokal og elektronikk klinger sammen i et nytt lydbilde. Musikken er altså folkemusikk, men i en nyere form og med et større klangrom å boltre seg i.  

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The Swedish-Norwegian trio Ævestaden will release their debut album “Ingen Mere Gråter” on May 28th. The first single “Stanna Inte” is a song about navigating through the bottomless depths of the soul – both atmospheric, playful and groovy. The listener is driven into an innovative music world where older folk musical instruments and modern electronics meet.


– “The song is a balance between the pitfalls of life’s maturation. With the course towards the sun as a symbol of wholeness and the union of the conscious and the subconscious, a steady pulse of urgent lyre and pizzicato fiddle is supported in line with the content of the text – and then it reaches a spiritual redemption in an ecstatic chorus. ” – Ævestaden

The upcoming debut album consists of both newly composed and traditional music, with old and modern instruments. Lyre, fiddle, mouth harp, kantele, vocals and electronics resonate in a new soundscape. The album is about the conscious and the subconscious – the worldly and the sacred – about life and death. The music is Nordic folk, but in a newer form and with a larger sound space to frolic in.

– “Ævestaden is fearless. We need the fearless in Norwegian folk music, more than ever. We need new voices. Ævestaden is many new voices in one trio. Anchored in eternity – pointing forward – Listen! Just that. Listen. “- Karl Seglem

The trio consists of Eir Vatn Strøm, Levina Storåkern and Kenneth Lien – three musicians who are all multi-instrumentalists. Their varied instrument combinations open up a unique soundscape where timeless harmonies and layers of minimalist motifs creates an open and atmospheric world.


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