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Bergroser og Frøsøminner – Sven Nyhus og Asmund Bjørkens sekstett

ALBERT BRÄNNLUND: Hammarforsens Brus, Vals · ASMUND BJØRKEN: Frøsøminner, Vals · Snekkar'n, Reinlender · Sletvikvalsen · Sprett-Nils, Pols · EINAR VALØEN: Pols · HANS GJEITVIK: Den Frilynde, Reinlender · JON-ERIK ØST: Fiolen Min, Valsmore… · OLAV INDAL: Trønderbrura, Vals · OLLE JOHNNY : Lyckliga Henriks Polka · SVEN NYHUS: Bergrosa, Vals · Lalmingen, Galopp · En Østerdøl, Reinlender · Trollkastet, Reinlender · TRAD. : Karis Pers Polska · Geitstuggurustin, Galopp · Fandens Polsdans · Leppsnuvan, Pols · Reinlender - Etter Arne Kjesbu

Sven Nyhus & Asmund Bjørkens sekstett

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The great folk wave

In 1945, during the war’s final days, started Bjørken Asmund and his father a project at the time was described as daring. Their desire was to bring people together to dance, and the neighbor’s carpentry workshop was available. Blackout curtains were drawn, and watchmen set out to monitor the illegal action. By the war’s cessation, could Bjørkens cheerful tones blade to freedom again, and it was really there and then that the seed of the great folk wave were laid.

This CD release was made as a result of the sound master and guitarist Jan Erik Kongshaugs idea of collecting some interacting friends for a couple of days in his Rainbow Studio. On that occasion, the sextet pulled up some old-fashioned dance tunes that had gained wide popularity, including two Swedish tunes, "Fiolen Min" and "Hammarforsens brus."

Albert Brännlund |Asmund Bjørken |Einar Valøen |Hans Gjeitvik |Jan Erik Kongshaug |Jon-Erik Øst |Oddmund J. Finnseth |Olav Indal |Olle Johnny |Sven Nyhus |Sven Nyhus og Asmund Bjørkens sekstett |Trad.

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