Worry Chord – Einar Flaa

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Einar Flaa · Geir Sundstøl · Erland Dahlen · Jo Berger Myhre · Marte Wulff · David Wallumrød · Sanskriti Sheresta

Brand new and highly personal album fro Einar Flaa

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Einar Flaa – Worry Chord

The brand new and highly personal album from Einar Flaa is out on May 8th. With gorgeous melodies and an A-team of fellow musicians and producer, Flaa has created Worry Chord which is his upcoming album. It comes two years after his previous release, Silent String, which was a record heavily dedicated to the environmental catastrophe. This time, however, Flaa has gone to a much more introspective place. Worry Chord is by far his most personal record yet, where he sings about taking grief in advance and about the challenges this entails. About wanting to live life to the fullest, being hindered with worries and insecurities, but also about the moments where you finally put away all the worries and self-criticism and live your life to the fullest. How you get a clearer view on what’s important and what’s not in life, like «When You Were Young», which is a tribute to his wife. All of these lyrics are engulfed with music that is reminiscent of the sound of Neil Young at his very best, played and sung by Flaa, and with assistance from the likes of Geir Sundstøl.

David Wallumrød |Einar Flaa |Erland Dahlen |Geir Sundstøl |Jo Berger Myhre |Marte Wulff |Sanskriti Sheresta

Release date: 08.05.2020

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