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Wenche Myhre In Concert – Wenche Myhre

ARNE BENDIKSEN: La meg være ung, BARRY MANN: Når du er helt nær (Arr.: Anders Eljas), BENNY ANDERSSON, BJÖRN ULVAEUS, TIM RICE: Den jeg ville bli (Arr.: Anders Eljas), BENT FABRICIUS-BJERRE, DON GIBSON, HANS CHRISTIAN BRUHN, PAUL CURTIS, PETEmore…R STRÖM, RUDI LINDT, SERGE GAINSBOURG, TEX ATCHISON, TONY HILLER, TRAD. : Wenches hit-medley, CHARLES AZNAVOUR: Jeg har levd mitt liv (Norwegian lyrics: Jan Vincents Johannessen), FINN LUDT: Blåklokkevikua (Lyrics: Alf Prøysen) · Vårherres klinkekule (Lyrics: Erik Bye. Arr.: Anders Eljas), GEIR OLAV BØKESTAD, PER KRISTIAN INDREHUS: Du skal få din dag i morgen (Lyrics: Jan Vincents Johannessen), JAN EGGUM: En natt forbi, JOHN LENNON, PAUL MCCARTNEY: Got to get you into my life (Arr.: Anders Eljas), MICHEL SARDOU, PIERRE DELANOE, SALVATORE CUTUGNO: Vi lever (Norwegian lyrics: Jan Eggum. Arr.: Egil Monn-Iversen, Anders Eljas), POVEL RAMEL: Povel Ramel - Medley (Arr.: Anders Eljas), UDO JÜRGENS, WOLFGANG HOFER: Når jeg blir 66 (Norwegian lyrics: Ole Paus. Arr.: Anders Eljas), WILLIAM S. COOK: Sånt e´ livet

Wenche Myhre - vocal · Anders Eljas - conductor · Norwegian Radio Orchestra

A unique album from the outstanding Wenche Myhre!

kr 139

Norway’s Greatest Entertainer is Back!

Wenche Myhre in Concert is a spectacular concert album, full of enthusiasm and energy. Wenche Myhre is one of Norway’s greatest entertainers and this time the popular artist has teamed up with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Conductor and arranger is Anders Eljas, known as one of the most influental people in the Swedish music industry. The release presents an energetic and catchy hit parade that includes many of Myhre’s biggest musical highlights. We get to hear fresh and well orcestrated versions of old classics in the catalogue of ‘Die Wenche’. In addition, Myhre perfroms a great hit-medley and a warm tribute to Povel Ramel that she had a close musical relationship with.


Wenche Myhre is back, better than ever!

Hit Parade

Wenche Myhre in Concert is a hit parade, full of energy and joy. Myhre presents her very best and most famous songs through a long and successful career. Conductor and arranger is none other than Anders Eljas, one of Sweden’s most important music figures and known for his close collaboration with Abba. On the album Wenche Myhre in Concert, you can hear fresh and well orchestrated versions of old classics as well as a tremendous hitmedley and tribute to Povel Ramel.

Concert Tour

The concert tour Wenche Myhre in Concert was a huge success and the critics and audiences around the country were. Aftenposten´s Mona Levin described the show as "tremendous, effortless and unpretentious" and Myhre’s voice as "more beautiful than ever." The CD release is a live recording from the Rockefeller-gig in 2007, and this concert was also broadcast as a television program on NRK1.

Popular Artist

Wenche Myhre is among the few Norwegian artists who have had success in Central Europe. With her versatile repertoire as a singer, comedian, musical artist and TV-presenter, Myhre manages to capture her audience again and again, year after year. Now, she exudes more energy than ever!

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Release date: 28.04.2008

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