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The Lucky Bullets : T.Harvey - vocal (K.Kleppe) · B.Comet - guitar (E.Lundqvist) · A.Dynamite - double bass (S.Nybru) · J.Dapper - drums (S.Å.Lillehamre) · Lyndon Riley · Erik Berntsen · Tore Beretzky · Bendik Brenne · Reidar Larsen · Palma A. Kleppe

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Vinyl: The Lucky Bullets – Dead Man’s Shoes

It started with a Negroni, a bar and a chat …

And now they are ready to release their new album, "Dead Man’s Shoes" and not least to set the standard for Norwegian rockabilly.
Many recognize these young men from the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 where they participated with the song "Fire Below". After thinking "why not?" they stood on stage and suddenly struck with a 3rd place in the final. An adventure of accomplishment.
This was the new beginning and the band toured to provide what the audience and organizers wanted.
The album "Dead Man’s Shoes" will be released June 1st 2012 and is an intricate album, full of references and innovations of a bygone time.

Arnie Norse |Bendik Brenne |Erik Berntsen |Gene Pitney |Knud Kleppe |Lyndon Riley |Palma A. Kleppe |Peter Lundell |Reidar Larsen |The Lucky Bullets |Tore Beretzky

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