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Red Tide

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Sem Petros (vocal), Sondre Moshagen (keyboard), Mikkel Brændsrød Bjørneboe (bass), Konstantin Ellingsberg Helmers (guitar), Olve Gravklev (drums), Emil Bø (Trombone), Henrik Smelhus Sjøeng (Trumpet), Lars Fauchald Hartmann (Saxophone)

On Three Souls’ second album, «Red Tide», listeners get an insight into the band’s musical world—a soulful journey that leaves a lasting impression!

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On Three Souls’ second album, «Red Tide», listeners get an insight into the band’s musical world—a soulful journey that leaves a lasting impression! The band tackles political and existential themes, packaged in a musically danceable powerhouse. It’s diverse and dynamic. The groove is solid from the get-go, with a tight and solid band as the foundation, and a brass section that adds color and blows the listener away!


Three Souls is an explosive 8-piece funk locomotive and has established itself as one of the fiercest live bands in Norway today. That’s why it’s even more impressive when the band enters the studio and produces music of the highest quality, influenced by elements from the 70s funk tradition, mixed with inspiration from what’s happening in the musical world today.

The planning for «Red Tide» started during the pandemic. Three Souls, having just released their debut album, was determined not to sit idle but to get started on their next record. Despite the restrictions making it somewhat challenging to meet and write, they were an optimistic and solution-oriented group who gathered on Zoom every morning for full-day writing sessions. After the pandemic, the group was able to come together physically to write music. Vocalist Sem Petros shares the story behind the song “My Delight,” which is about longing for the nightlife without restrictions:


“When the restrictions finally allowed us to meet in smaller groups, we also got to test some of the ideas we had been sitting on. Our regular rehearsal space hadn’t opened yet, so we settled for a small room we borrowed at Hausmania. Guitarist Konstantin, who had an idea to create a club song, instructed drummer Olve to play at 134 bpm, and Mikkel followed with a bass riff that brought the song to life. Surrounded by the visual and creative impulses that Hausmania has to offer, ‘My Delight’ came into existence.”


As a live band, the groove collective Three Souls has impressed audiences with their exceptional brass section and charismatic frontman. It’s easy to understand why this band sells out concerts and has charmed live audiences for a long time.


The album was recorded at Athletic Sound in Halden, produced and recorded in collaboration with Dag Erik Johansen and Christian Løken, and mastered by Espen Høydalsvik. Three Souls consists of Sem Petros on vocals, Konstantin Ellingsberg Helmers on guitar, Mikkel Brændsrød Bjørneboe on bass, Sondre Moshagen on keys, Olve Gravklev on drums, Lars Fauchald Hartmann on saxophone, Henrik Smelhus Sjøeng on trumpet, and Emil Bø on trombone.


Release date: 19.06.2023

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