Fint å være rar – Kaia Huuse

KAIA HUUSE: Robot · Hvem er jeg · Dronningen · Du er min venn · For om alle sa · Hvorfor er det sånn · Fint å være rar · Bra nok · Mammasmore… sang

Kaia Huuse, vocal, Choir · Frode Berntzen, keyboards, programming, bass guitar, guitar, Zither · Børre Flyen, drums, percussion, drums, percussion, drums, percussion, drums · Lise Sørensen Voldsdal, viola, violin, viola, violin

– everyday lives as a backdrop of these timeless songs .

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Norwegian children’s album from Kaia Huuse

Kaia Huuse has had a desire to make quality music that both adults and children can have the pleasure of listening to together.
"Fint å være rar" contains more melancholy songs compared to what you might be used to hearing on some of the classic children’s cds – but with our everyday lives as a backdrop of these timeless songs .
A red thread on "Fint å være rar" is identity. Meeting the queens who decides what everyone should think, separation from "the others", the tug of war between yourself and the gang, the school and parents, the confusion about who am I? And what is most me? What I think on my own? What I show to others?

Børre Flyen |Frode Berntzen |Kaia Huuse |Lise Sørensen Voldsdal

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EAN : 7033662044191

Cat.No.: GRCD4419

Priskategori : CD

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