Dialogues – Tora Augestad

ASLAUG LÅSTAD LYGRE, GEIRR TVEITT: Mjukt skjer åra · BEPPE WOLKERS, BILL EVANS: Monicas Vals · COLEMAN BARKS, JELALUDDIN RUMI, TRYGVE SEIM: All I want to hear · EDMOND HARAUCOURT: Ouvre · ERIC MASCHWITZ, MANNING SHERWIN: A nightingale sang inmore… Berkley Square · FRANCIS POULENC, GUILLAUME APOLLINAIRE: Hôtel · FRANZ SCHUBERT, WILHELM MÜLLER: Die Nebensonnen · Des Baches Wiegenlied · FRIEDRICH HOLLÄNDER: Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte · HENRY PURCELL, JOHN DRYDEN: Music for a while · IVOR GURNEY: Severn meadows · JACOB PAULLI, TRAD. : Lær meg å kjenne dine veie · JAMES JOYCE, JOHN CAGE: The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs · JAMES TAYLOR: You can close your eyes · JAN EGGUM: Ta meg med · JOHN DOWLAND: Come again · JØRN SIMEN ØVERLI, ZYGMUNT KONIECZNY: Septemberstille · KARI BREMNES: Gåte ved gåte · KATE AUGESTAD, MATHIAS EICK: No Storm · KURT WEILL, LANGSTON HUGHES: Lonely House · LEIGH HARLINE, NED WASHINGTON: When you wish upon a star · OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II, RICHARD ROGERS: My favorite things · TARIQ ALI, THORVALD STEEN, TRYGVE SEIM: Kom Natt · THOMAS CAMPION: Shall I come sweet love to thee · TORA AUGESTAD: Captures

Tora Augestad · Svante Henryson · Trygve Brøske · Bendix Dethleffsen · Martin Zeller · Torbjørn Dyrud · Frode Barth · Erlend Skomsvoll · Jørn Simen Øverli · Stian Carstensen · Trygve Seim · Pål Hausken · Frank Hovland · Mathias Eick · Christian Eggen · Martin Taxt

Double duet-album from Tora Augestad

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Genre: Jazz

Tora Augestad – Dialogues

This spring Tora Augestad won, together with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, the Norwegian Grammy for the album “Portraying Passion”.
On her latest release “Dialogues”, Augestad goes all the way down in format and presents a double album where each song is a duet with musicians she has worked with over the last 20 years.


New double album from Tora Augestad

The record describes a special artistry; Augestad is known as a genre juggler and front-runner who takes every musical landscape she moves into seriously. The duo format is intimate and the songs are from Henry Purcell via Schubert, Jan Eggum and Kari Bremnes to newly written songs by Mathias Eick and Trygve Seim have a subdued feel. The double record follows a day and tries to
transcend genres. Classic pearls glide seamlessly into evergreens from “The American songbook”, to recent songs by Geirr Tveitt and John Cage. Once again, it’s a unique album from her hand.

The musicians she brings with her are Trygve Seim, Christian Eggen and Svante Henryson, Frode Barth, Frank Hovland (Bergen), Bendix Dethleffsen (from Ibsen Award winner Marthaler’s theater productions), Torbjørn Dyrud, Erlend Skomsvoll, Jørn Simen Øverli and the Swiss baroque specialist Martin Zeller. In addition, her own ensemble is Music for a while with Stian Carstensen, Mathias Eick, Trygve Brøske, Pål Hausken and Martin Taxt as co- musicians.

Christian Eggen |Erlend Skomsvoll |Francis Poulenc |Franz Schubert |Frode Barth |Geirr Tveitt |Henry Purcell |James Joyce |James Taylor |Jan Eggum |John Cage |John Dowland |Jørn Simen Øverli |Kari Bremnes |Kurt Weill |Leigh Harline |Martin Abrahamsen |Martin Taxt |Mathias Eick |Ned Washington |Oscar Hammerstein II |Pål Hausken |Stian Carstensen |Svante Henryson |Tora Augestad |Torbjørn Dyrud |Trad. |Trygve Seim

Release date: 15.11.2019

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