Slaveriet – Tor Einar Bekken

RICHARD GJEMS, TOR EINAR BEKKEN: Tigersvansen · Ro din båt · AMUND MAARUD, RICHARD GJEMS, TOR EINAR BEKKEN: Og Puken for nedover Glomma · CARL JULARBO: Drømmen om Elin · Livet i Finnskogarna · JANIE WEST METZGAR: Der roser aldri dør ·more… JOHANNES BRAHMS: Vuggesang · JULIA WARD HOWE: The Battle Hymn of the Republic · NICOLAY BATH: I en sal på hospitalet · PIERRE DE GEYTER: Internasjonalen · ROBERT JOHNSON: Hellhound on my Trail · SIDNEY BECHET: Georgia Cabin · TRAD. : Midisijollin · House of the Rising Sun

Tor Einar Bekken: Steinway Grand Piano · Richard Gjems: Harmonica · Amund Maarud · Erik Vollan Bekken

A powerful sequel from Bekken & Gjems!

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A powerful sequel!

The duo Bekken & Gjems take a musical overview of the boarder, as seen from Kongsvinger Fortress. The tradistional music from the area thus get a makeover and a new disguise, interpreted from their new viewpoint. It’s a acoustic local history lesson with Amund Maarud as guest!


A powerful sequel from Bekken & Gjems!


«Slaveriet» is recorded at Kongsvinger Fortress. The recording premises are actually named slaveriet, meaning «the slavery» in norwegian, and they were historically used as both a place to keep prisoners and as a military mess. A classic Steinway grand piano was used in this recording that is at the Fortresses´disposal – the same one used in Dr. Bekkens last solo project «Grand Piano».

Universal music with local roots

The material for this production is rooted in the boarder area between Norway and Sweden, and is also metaphorically rooted deeply within the musical soul that persists in that location. Here you can find unique versions of accordion music, broadside ballads, dance band- and work songs. There is a blue thread that ties the whole album together through the artists´ background in blues and jazz. It´s universal music with local roots.

A contribution on two of the tracks is the areas´syphathetic and highly skilled guitarist Amund Maarud.

Amund Maarud |Carl Jularbo |Erik Vollan Bekken |Janie West Metzgar |Johannes Brahms |Julia Ward Howe |Nicolay Bath |Pierre De Geyter |Richard Gjems |Robert Johnson |Sidney Bechet |Tor Einar Bekken |Traditional

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