Came to hear the music – Paal Flaata

MARGARET ANN RICH: Have a heart · CHRISTIAN NYSTRØM, BEN LORENTZEN, PAAL FLAATA: It will all come down · MICKEY NEWBURY: Remember the good · TOWNES VAN ZANDT: Come tomorrow · GØRAN GRINI,PAAL FLAATA: My old angel midnight · BEN LORENTZENmore…: Don't you walk away · MICKEY NEWBURY: Wish I was · CHIP TAYLOR: Angel of the morning · ELVIS COSTELLO: The comedians · MICKEY NEWBURY: I came to hear the music · TOWNES VAN ZANDT: Flyin' shoes · MOSIE LISTER: Where no one stands alone · MICKEY NEWBURY: Heaven help the child · JIMMY WEBB: The moon is a harsh mistress · TOWNES VAN ZANDT: Second lover's song · MICKEY NEWBURY: Bless us all · SYLVIA DEE, GEORGE GOEHRING: Suppose · JOSH HADEN: Spiritual

Paal Flaata

Came to hear the music will give you a memorable journey through the solo career of Paal Flaata.

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Throughout a recording career stretching more than 25 years back in time – the last 18 of those as a solo act – Paal Flaata has astounded his surroundings with a voice appearing to be not quite of this world.

Like one of his foremost idols, Elvis Presley, Paal Flaata is an interpreter of other people’s songs. He makes them – as they say – his own.

This year Paal looks back on his now 20 years a soloartist, with the release of the compilation “Came to hear the music”. In addition to 16 songs from the vault, this collection includes two new recordings. Paal has dug up a semi-hidden gem from Elvis Presley that will be unfamiliar to most, called “Suppose” and Josh Haden’s “Spiritual”.

“Came to hear the music” will give you a memorable journey through the solo career of Paal Flaata.



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