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Live in Europe – Bjørn Berge

ANTHONY KIEDIS, BRAD WILK, CHAD SMITH, JOHN FRUSCIANTE, MICHAEL P. "FLEA" BALZARY, TIM COMMERFORD, TOM MORELLO, ZACH DE LA ROCHA: Testify / Give it away, BJØRN BERGE: Introducing Louise · Sissy boys and girlie men · Someday · The storymore… behind stringmachine · Stringmachine · The new guitar, BJØRN BERGE, JAN FLAATEN: Bring It On Home, BJØRN BERGE, TORE JAMNE: N.V. · Trains · Minutes, BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Arr.: Bjørn Berge), CHUCK BERRY: 13 Question Method, EDDIE CLARKE, IAN KILMISTER, PHIL TAYLOR: Ace Of Spades, ERIC SCHRODY: Black Jesus, MARK SANDMAN: Buena · Thursday, PAUL SIEBEL: Louise, TRAD. : Angel Band (Lyrics: Bjørn Berge)

Bjørn Berge: vocal, 12-string guitar, bajo sexto, foot stomp

Raw, honest and unpretentious acoustic blues rock.

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Genre: BluesRock

Bjørn Berge Live!

Bjørn Berge hails from Norway and the best way to label Berge is as a "one man band". Berge is one of Norway´s most successful blues musicians, always performing solo with his 12 string acoustic guitar and only accompanied by his southern rock alike vocal and him tapping on a flightcase. Berge makes the best out of these simple means, and gives a musical experience that is back to the basics and quite unique. Live in Europe is a live recording, including performances from Belgium and France, and leaves no doubt why he is such a popular live artist in his home country, as well as in Europe. On this album, Berge performs versions of some of his favourite songs from the world of blues and rock, making some of the all times classics into his own. This is raw, honest and unpretentious acoustic blues rock with lots of slide guitar!


Bjørn Berge Live Performance available on CD!

Favourite Songs

The show in Brussels proved to be a huge success. Berge performed versions of some of his favourite songs from the world of blues and rock, making some of the all times classics into his own.The place was packed and both Berge and the audience had a great time, giving this live album an ultimate experience of Berge as a live artist. The last two tracks were recorded at the club Nouveau Casino in Paris in March 2005.

Touring in Europe

For the last couple of years Bjørn Berge have had the chance to play all over Europe, and for him it’s a great satisfaction to travel around and play his songs for all kinds of audience in so many different countries and cultures. Live in Europe recreates the electric atmosphere from Berge´s live concerts through these last years.

A Daring Artist

Bjørn Berge is probably the Norwegian blues artist who, more often than others, dares to follow his own paths in order to find his personal musical medium of expression. Since his solo debut with the album Blues Hit Me (1999), the indicator has pointed but in one direction – upwards. The proof of this is his two Norwegian Grammy awards (Spellemannprisen) which he received for Stringmachine and Illustrated Man. Berge´s uncompromising style and distinctive character find their clearest expression when he really enjoys himself; alone on the stage with his guitars and his stompcase.

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Release date: 28.01.2008

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