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Jug Rock – JB & The Delta Jukes

Viola Lee Blues · Greenback Dollar Bill · Illinois Blues · Well Fed Belly Blues · Howlin´Blues #2 · Custard Pie · Devil Got My Woman · Twist It, Babe · Real Good Time · Ooze It To Me, Mama · Missmore… Maybelle

JB & The Delta Jukes

Powerful Norwegian delta blues from JB & the Delta Jukes

kr 139

Genre: BluesRock

Delta blues from JB & the Delta Jukes.

The third album from JB & the Delta Jukes. Slapstick and playfulness mixed in with the love for blues, rock’n’roll and hillbilly is the backbone of JB & the Delta Jukes. Inspired by American folk from the Mississippi delta, the songs here is a mix of original material and tunes known from such legends as Skip James, Joah Lewis and RL Burnside.

JB & The Delta Jukes

Release date: 10.10.2007

EAN : 7033662065097

Cat.No.: BMCD6509

Priskategori : CD