Dai Raft – Hamid Sakhizada

HAMID SAKHIZADA, TRAD. : Dambura · Siyamoy · I Will Return (from Bamiyan) · Solo Dambura (Dambura for Kaveh) · Hafiz Divination (From Siya Sang) · Pearl Drop Face of Waras (From Malestan) · My Heart · True Love (from Daykondi) · My God (frommore… Turkman) · The Traveller Moon

Hamid Sakhizada: vocals and dambura · Harpreet Bansal: violin · Birger Mistereggen: jew's harp and rope tensioned drum, percussion · Kaveh Mahmudiyan: tombak, daf and bandir

With his life on the line, Afghan musician Hamid Sakhizada wants to show the beauty of his cultural heritage – the hazara music

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Keeping Hazara tradition alive

Hamid Sakhizada’s upcoming release Dai Raft tells the story of ancient instruments and of traditions about to be forgotten. It is songs about love, happiness and sorrow – both traditional melodies from different parts of the Hazara community as well as Hamid’s own compositions. The highly-regarded musician from Afghanistan has an all-consuming passion for Hazara traditional music and the two-stringed, long-necked lute known in Afghanistan as dambura.

Joining him is an impressive group of musicians, each adding their own interpretation and tradition to the mix: Norwegian/Indian violinist and composer Harpreet Bansal, Norwegian percussionist Birger Mistereggen and Iranian percussionist Kaveh Mahmudiyan.


Keeping Hazara tradition alive

Hamid has a large fan base in Afghanistan and abroad. He has represented Afghanistan in the 2012 ABU Annual Song Contest, the Asian version of Eurovision Song Contest, and he came second in Afghan Star, the equivalent to Idol song contest. He has performed in several countries, as well as having produced three albums. But the Hazara-people is a minority in Afghanistan, and Hamid’s tireless efforts to preserve the tradition has cost him dearly. In Afghanistan he was subject to a steady campaign of threats and violent harassment from groups who oppose the minority Hazara culture, as well as from religious traditionalists. When two of his students were kidnapped and tortured by the Taliban, one of them subsequently killed, the situation became unbearable. More harassment and violent assaults followed, and in 2016 Hamid was forced to flee the country. Through ICORN and SafeMUSE he became a guest artist in the city Harstad, Norway, where he still lives and continues to perform his music openly.

For many years, the Hazara people saw their culture and art being mocked and suppressed, causing their music to slowly fade away. This album is an attempt to bring old traditions alive through new collaborations, interpretations and expressions.
With help from an all-star team of musicians, Afghan dambora virtuous Hamid Sakhizada brings the Hazara tradition into the 21st century.
Dai Raft is released on LIDIO – a record label dedicated to releasing music from persecuted artists. LIDIO is run by the organization SafeMUSE, and is a sub label to Grappa, Norway’s largest independent record label.

Birger Mistereggen |Bjørn Andor Drage |Hamid Sakhizada |Harpreet Bansal |Trad.

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