Sæverud Complete Works for Violin – Trond Sæverud

Harald Sæverud: Violin Concerto op.37; Romance for Violin and Orchestra, op.23a; Elegie for Violin Solo (1912); 20 Small Duets for Two Violinsmore…, op.32

Trond Sæverud, violin · South Denmark Philharmonic

One can feel the very consistency of western Norway in Sæverud´s music: Strong and expressive, naked and exposed.

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Sæverud playing Sæverud

Harald Sæverud was strongly opposed to “-isms” in any art form. He never followed fashions or trends and was often enraged by the assumption that true inspiration no longer existed, and that music in our time, therefore, had to be constructed. Good music, he said, is not assembled, it is created. Recorded by Trond Sæverud, Harald´s own grandson, together with the Sønder Jutland Symphony Orchestra and conductor Karsten Andersen, this album gives a profound insight into the phenomenal works for violin by the celebrated composer.

Harald Sæverud is known mainly for his piano music and his symphonic works. However, the few works he wrote for the violin reveal a deep respect for the instrument and are among his most powerful and expressive compositions. One can feel the very consistency of western Norway in his music: Strong and expressive, naked and exposed, while at the same time showing off a very human and humorous side. This album is the perfect witness to that.

Arne Akselberg |Harald Sæverud |Karsten Andersen |South Denmark Philharmonic |Tony Harrison |Trond Sæverud

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