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Revived in Tango – Ines Maidre

GUY BOVET: from 12 Tangos ecclesiasticos · DOMENICO SCARLATTI: Sonata in G minor (Cat´s Fugue) L499 K. 30 (Esserzisi per gravicembalo) · GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI: Toccata quarta - Per l’organo da sonarsi alla levatione (2o libro) · JOHANN Kmore…. KERLL: Batalla · JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: Preludes and Fuges · NICOLAS DE GRIGNY: Ave Maris Stella · Fugue à 5 · Duo · Dialogue sur les Grands Jeux · PABLO BRUNA: Tiento de 1 tono de mano derecha

Ines Maidre, organ (the Binvignant- Houdtappel organ at the Hasselt Cathedral)

Tango and Organ!

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Genre: OrganTango

Revived in Tango

1913 was the year of the tango, and the tango was celebrated all over the world. 100 years later there is no doubt that tango music continues to fascinate and is constantly evolving. Revived in Tango features a selection of the transboundary Tangos Ecclesiasticos of the Swiss composer and organist Guy Bovet. Here he combines the secular tango with the traditional religious organ. The result is an entirely new genre. With this recording, the world famous organist Ines Maidre wants to highlight the retrospective aspect of Bovet´s innovative compositions. Most of the tangos have references to historical organ repertoire and here Maidre presents six of them. These alternate with six works from the early French (N. de Grigny), Italian (G. Frescobaldi, D. Scarlatti), Spanish (P. Bruna), and German (J.K. Kerll, J.S. Bach) organ music. Through these alternations, Maidre point out the early inspirations for Bovet´s compositions in particular, and for tango music in general. Revived in Tango is a unique project, transcending genre boundaries and emphasizing that apparent contradictions are often closely linked. This release is a unique contribution to the development of organ and tango music. The recording is done on the historic Binvignat & Houdtappel organ (1791-1793), St. Quintinus Cathedral in Hasselt, Belgium.


An astonishing album from organist Ines Maidre: Revived in Tango!

Tango Transformation

The idea of this album is to present Bovet’s tangos in pairs with their related earlier musical models in order to show the source of their inspiration and how much the tango transformation reveals or changes the prototype. The idea of ranking the tango before its prototype strengthens particularly the retrospective approach. The order of the tangos on the CD is different from the original due to the artistic goals of the programme. Of 12 Tangos Ecclesiasticos there are 6 presented together with 6 works from early French (Nicolas de Grigny), Italian (Girolamo Frescobaldi, Domenico Scarlatti), Spanish (Pablo Bruna), and German (Johann Kaspar Kerll, Johann Sebastian Bach) organ literature.

New Music Genre

Ever since Astor Piazolla in the second half of the XX century integrated the popular Argentinean tango with classical ideas on form and counterpoint, the tango has been legitimized as art music. Guy Bovet took a step further and combined the totally secular Tango with the religious organ style, creating a subtle and peculiar music genre. Even though a blend between the sacred and the secular have always existed in the organ music, Bovet’s idea of combining the sexy dance with the religious styles certainly arouses curiosity. What makes the tango collection particularly original is the retrospective aspect of the music – most of the tangos follow certain musical prototypes and have references to some historic sacred organ repertoire.

Ines Maidre

A graduate of the Estonian Academy of Music, Tallinn, Ines Maidre holds soloist diplomas of both piano and organ with the highest distinctions. After her postgraduate studies in Paris with Daniel Roth, she embarked on her soloist career appearing at prestigious cathedrals and festivals all over Europe, in the USA and in Latin America, playing organ recitals and giving lectures. As a harpsichord player she frequently performs together with her early music ensemble Musica Celines. Her collaboration with variuos soloists and ensembles has resulted in programmes combining organ with Gregorian chant, dance, percussion, violin, harp, trompet, trombone and synthesizor. Besides her performing career she is working as an associate professor of organ at the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen, Norway. Ines Maidre’s virtuosity and passionate musicianship, combined with exquisite stylistic taste and outstanding art of registration, have always been emphasized by the critics. An excellent interpreter of early keyboard music as well as a virtuoso performer of romantic and contemporary repertoire, Ines Maidre has released CDs with a great variety of organ music with the focus on French, Estonian, and Scandinavian music.

Domenico Scarlatti |Girolamo Frescobaldi |Guy Bovet |Ines Maidre |Johann K. Kerll |Johann Sebastian Bach |Nicolas de Grigny |Pablo Bruna

Release date: 05.07.2013

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