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Octophonia – Dan Styffe

ARNE NORDHEIM: Clamavi · Three stanzas for double bass alone · Partita for six doublebasses · AULIS SALLINEN: Elegia - Sebastian Knight´ille · INGVAR LIDHOLM: Fantasia sopra laudi · WITOLD LUTOSLAWSKI: Grave - Metamorphoses for violincello andmore… piano

Dan Styffe, double bass · Ingrid Andsnes, piano · Håkon Thelin, double bass · Jon Åsnes, double bass · Mathias Sunde Valseth, double bass · Eskild Abelseth, double bass · Karol Ciesluk, double bass

«Dan Styffe is easily one of the top international soloists on his instrument and a major force in contemporary music» [Rob Nairn/Bass World]

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World class double bassists releases his sixth solo album.

Dan Styffe, renowned solo double bassists, performs works by Arne Nordheim, Ingvar Lidholm, Witold Lutoslawski and Aulis Sallinen. Three works by Arne Nordheim form a kernel of «Octophonia», on which Dan Styffe has grouped together music originally written for double bass with music for cello adapted for its larger relative. The music is by composers who are in various ways associated with Arne Nordheim´s work.

Nordheim’s music span over expressions that can characterise as everything from the etheric and dream-like, the meditative and lingering, to the vibrating, metallic and open, and even the traditional. A modern piece of art where one of the world´s leading double bassists gets to show of not just his masterful skills, but also the unique possibilities of the double basses´ timbre.


«Dan Styffe is easily one of the top international soloists on his instrument and a major force in contemporary music,» the magazine Bass World wrote about one of Norway´s most renowned double bassists last album «Secret Memories». «Octophonia» is Dan Styffes sixth and latest solo album.

Six double basses!

Arne Nordheim has since the 1960s been of the most recognized Norwegian composers and was a front figure for the entire Norwegian postwar musical modernism. His works «Clamavi» (1980), inspired by a biblical psalm, a cry for help dividing the world into good and evil people and intentions, «Partita» (1982), written for the uncommon musical group of six double basses – performed by Styffe and several of his students, as well as Håkon Thelin – and «Three stanzas for double bass alone» (1998), are all featured on «Octophonia».

Lidholm, Lutoslawski & Sallinen

Ingvar Lidholm was one of several composers Nordheim studied privately with. His «Fantasia sopra laudi» (1977) is unusually organically written in a way that opens large musical vaults filled with light. Together with Ingrid Andsnes, Styffe also performs «Grave: Metamorphoses for cello and piano» (1981) by Witold Lutoslawski – a composer who, with his sound mass techniques, would be a markedly important inspiration for Nordheim. Like Nordheim, Aulis Sallinen is also a composer with a social and political involvement with music beyond the purely aesthetical. Styffe performs his «Elegy for Sebastian Knight» (1964), a work that represents a turning point in the composer´s practice, back to an expressive, free tonality.

A world class double bassists releases his sixth solo album

Dan Styffe, originally born in Sweden, has throughout all his career been established in Norway, and is a central figure in Norwegian musical life. After studies with Göran Nyberg, Knut Guettler and Gary Karr, he made his solo debut in 1985 and has since then been a sought after solist and chamber musician across the world. Styffe is a jury member of several international competitions and has participated in several international conventions. At the present, he is a professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music and Barratt Due Institute of Music. His discography is comprehensive, with several CDs and solo albums behind him, all received to great critical acclaim. «Octophonia» is his sixth solo album.

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