Mozart: Piano Sonatas vol. 5 – Liv Glaser

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonatas for piano no. 15, F major KV 533/494 · no.16, C major KV 545 · Sonata movement, G minor mvt KV 312 · no. 18, D major, Kmore…V 576

Liv Glaser, fortepiano

Liv Glaser on splendid form completes the series of Mozart piano sonatas.

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Liv Glaser completes the series of Mozart´s piano sonatas

In 1990 Norwegian pianist Liv Glaser (1935) began her series with the complete Mozart sonatas for piano. Very much inspired by what was then a growing interest in historical performance she started a 10 year project, a decade in the wonderful world of Mozart. Studies of manuscripts at the Mozarteum in Salzburg was first in line, then working with Paul Badura-Skoda and Malcolm Bilson for expert advice on the art of fortepiano playing, the sound and character that was a part of Mozart’s world.

Glaser refers to her own relationship with the fortepiano as “a secret love affair”, that has moved on from flirtation to the real thing. The wonderful variety of colour and sound that the fortepiano can provide has given access to subtle nuances in the music that it is impossible to find on a modern instrument. The fortepiano is the perfect instrument for Glaser’s unique qualities as a Mozart interpreter. Hear the way she can shape a phrase with the utmost elegance and grace, breathing life into the themes that take part in the dramatic entities presented. Mozart’s operatic genius is very audible when his chamber music is being performed by a musician with Glaser’s abilities.

The light that comes with the music of Mozart touches us all. Music crafted in such a magical way faces the performer with many challenges, but one is perhaps greater than the rest: daring to let your own personality play a part! Liv Glaser has got the courage and thereby enables us in the audience to go with her, into the world of Mozart.

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