Marianne Thorsen Recital – Marianne Thorsen

Franz Schubert: Violin Sonatina no.1, D major, D 384; Ernest Bloch: Nigun, from Baal Shem; Bedrich Smetana: Aus der Heimat; Edvard Grieg: Violin Sonata no.2, G major, op.13; Johan Svendsen: Romance, G majormore…, op.26

Marianne Thorsen, violin · Jørgen Larsen, piano

Here’s a musician who has something to say, and knows how to say it.

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Marianne Thorsen debut recital

Based in London, Marianne Thorsen is a violinist in the renowned Leopold String Trio, who, amongst other, has done fabulous recordings of Beethoven´s string trios. During the Spring of 2000, Marianne Thorsen was appointed the prestigious job as a first violinist in The Nash Ensemble of London, a living legend on the international music scene. In addition to her chamber musical career, she is also an active soloist with orchestras in Scandinavia and Europe.

On this recording we find two highly experienced musicians, interpreting some of the finest music written for the violin and piano. The pianist Jørgen Larsen has regularly performed with several of Norway´s top orchestras and is a high-in-demand chamber musician and accompanist. Together, Marianne Thorsen and Jørgen Larsen is a duo capable of displaying all the moods and emotions laying latent in the music they perform, whether it is Schubert´s “Violin Sonatina”, Smetana´s “Aus der Heimat”, Bloch´s “Nigun”, Grieg´s “Violin Sonata No. 2” or Svendsen´s “Romance in G major” – works that could not have been better performed than on this recording.

Edvard Grieg |Ernest Bloch |Franz Schubert |Johan Svendsen |Jørgen Larsen |Marianne Thorsen |Tony Harrison

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